Re: Self insured health plans NPP

2003-03-13 Thread David Blasi
Without going into a lot of discussion about the difference between the plan sponsor and plan administrator activities, the plan administrator is responsible for this. If you are also the plan administrator, than you have both responsibilities. Your SPD should state who is the plan

RE: Minimum necessary

2003-03-06 Thread David Blasi
A live person on the phone is not limited to what can be provided in a 271 response or a 277 or any other HIPAA required response. Talking to a person on the phone is not considered the use of electronic media, as defined by 162.103. Direct Data Entry, which is the subject of the limitation to

RE: acknowledgement of Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP)

2003-02-17 Thread David Blasi
Just wanted to add for some of those who aren't knee-deep in HIPAA that the acknowledgment requirement discussion is a health care provider issue. For health plans the acknowledgment requirement in 164.520(c)(2) is not applicable. Health plans should be able to satisfy their notice requirement