2003-01-22 Thread Nancy Jones
I want to find the easiest method (that complies with the law) for documenting an OCHA with our physicians. Does this mean I need individual written agreements between our hospital and each physician with privileges? If so, is anyone willing to share a sample, as I can't find one anywhere. Or


2003-01-22 Thread Dawn Lenox
We are doing an Administrative Policy that the Med Exec Committee will approve. The policy states that they agree to abide by our Joint Notice of Privacy Practices. HIPAA does NOT require you to designate yourselves as an OHCA, unlike Affiliated Entity status which does. I believe that the

RE: EMS and the NPP

2003-01-22 Thread Chris Brancato
Don, I consult with some of the nations largest Fire/EMS departments for HIPAA. I advise several different ways. Non-transports require a treat and release signature from a patient. A copy of NPP can be printed on the back or separately, but they should make a reasonable attempt to

Business Associates

2003-01-22 Thread Traci Winter
Hey everyone, I know this topic has been hashed out like crazy but I find myself confused. As a homecare agency we receive our business via referrals from health care facilities and MD offices. We are not providing services on behalf of these entities. It was my understanding that we

RE: HIPAA privacy and people - comparison to 42 C.F.R. Part 2 (Alcohol and Drug Patient Privacy)

2003-01-22 Thread Vicki Hohner
I have been doing a lot of work with substance abuse programs and HIPAA, and while not deeply familar with 42 CFR protections we have identified that there are limited areas of overlap with HIPAA privacy. Many subject to 42 CFR mistakenly believe that the fact that they comply with this law, which

Re: Business Associates

2003-01-22 Thread Doug Webb
Traci, It looks to me like someone's trying to cover all bases with a shotgun approach (run it up the flagpole and see who salutes). My understanding is that you wouldn't need a BAC any more than a surgeon's office needs one with a Primary Care Physician referring a patient to them. This

to sign or not to sign

2003-01-22 Thread Traci Winter
OK so the next question is do we sign these BACs or just put them in the round file. Your answers reflected what my impression was, but I wanted reinforcement. Thanks, Traci Winter --- The WEDI SNIP listserv to which you are subscribed is not moderated. The discussions on this listserv

Re: to sign or not to sign

2003-01-22 Thread Doug Webb
Traci, My vote's for the round file. Any lawyers out there feel free to chime in. The opinions expressed here are my own and not necessarily the opinion of LCMH. Douglas M. WebbComputer System EngineerLittle Company of Mary Hospital Health Care Centers[EMAIL PROTECTED] "This electronic

RE: HIPAA privacy and people - comparison to 42 C.F.R. Part 2 (Al cohol and Drug Patient Privacy)

2003-01-22 Thread Darrell Rishel
You are absolutely correct that there is much in HIPAA than what is in 42 C.F.R. Part 2. Isn't it nice that SAMHSA et al are being so timely with their assistance? The Legal Action Center, a well-known, well-respected non-profit based in New York that has done a lot of work in interpreting 42