RE: Looking for Input - Physician Related

2003-10-29 Thread Chris Brancato-HDS
Dan, The news is replete with unintended consequences of HIPAA Privacy. Stories of Vets denying the owners access to their information because of HIPAA privacy. {Personally, this one takes the cake for me! Since when are vets part of the health care system! I can't get my dog's medical record

Looking for Input - Physician Related

2003-10-29 Thread Robert Jagielski
Title: Message A USA Today Article on October 17, which has been previously referenced on this list serve,discusses a number of post-HIPAA issues. I have attached thelink and a brief quote: "The law has led some hospitals to restrict

RE: members web access

2003-10-29 Thread Traci.Jensen
Our organization mails a separate ID and password to each family member separately. -Original Message-From: McCauley Margaret M [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2003 1:14 PMTo: WEDI SNIP Privacy Workgroup ListCc: Morrical J ThomasSubject: members web

Requiring picture ID

2003-10-29 Thread Bentz-Miller, Judith
We are a large multi-specialist clinic and we are in the process of doing a risk assessment for requesting picture ID for each visit. Can you let me know: Do you currently request picture ID at check in? Do you keep a copy of it, electronic or paper? Why do you or do not request positive ID?

RE: Looking for Input - Physician Related

2003-10-29 Thread Paula Cook
Dan, focus on what is allowed-not what is not allowed. That may relieve some of their anxiety about the entire issue. Ask them to lower their voices in public areas and take consult discussions into back conference rooms. Ask them to not discuss PHI over their cell phones and tell them that in

RE: Requiring picture ID

2003-10-29 Thread Matthew Rosenblum
Judith, Many of our clients (mostly hospitals, ICFs, ambulatory care centers, etc.) operate in or near the 5 boroughs of NYC, and for about two years now most have instituted a continuum of measures with regard to physical space security and identification of persons entering the facilities and

Thanking a patient for a referral

2003-10-29 Thread Catherine Lohmeier
I would appreciate any opinions on this one. Please use citations if you have them since that will help me document any decisions we make. Scenario: Patient A refers their friend Patient B to his/her doctor. Patient B goes to that doctor. The doctor wants to thank Patient A for

Collection Accts.

2003-10-29 Thread Charles Whitaker
I recently came across some informationthat some credit repair websites are giving out in relation to medical collections being reported to the Credit Reporting Agencies (CRA). If a person disputes a listing on a credit report, the CRA must request a validation from the Collection Agency