[weewx-development] request for update cmon extension for ubuntu 16.04

2016-10-18 Thread Eelco F
Actually this a question for Matthew Wall. I'm using the cmon extension for a while new, with success. Thank you for that. However, recently I changed hardware for our weatherstation, which is now running ubuntu server 16.04. Since then, CPU_temp is no longer read out, and also neteth0rbytes

[weewx-development] Re: weewxd dies when weather station goes offline

2017-07-10 Thread Eelco F
It's the intercepror that gives a fault. Maybe you should contact matthew wall about this. Op vrijdag 19 mei 2017 22:33:29 UTC+2 schreef Frits Schouten: > > Sorry, about forgetting the syslog output. I was distracted with another > computer fault. > Please find attached a section of the syslog