RE: Feature wish for wget

2001-12-31 Thread Herold Heiko
Possibly for some cases that shell magic still could not be enough (think huge lists, even unix shells have some lenght limits, think old Os, after all there is a reason xargs does exist), there's always the problem of other platforms with possibly shorter command lines, or simply braindead shell

RE: wget1.6-1.8bug: windows compile skips some command line settings.

2001-12-31 Thread Herold Heiko
Currently no 98se available. -w 60 does work correctly with different revision levels I tried (several 1.8-cvs and 1.8.1 released) on NT4 sp6,sp5. No unreliable site handy in this moment for testing -t, sorry. Possibly I'll be able to try -w on a w95 machine tomorrow. Heiko -- -- PREVINET

1.8.1 win binary

2001-12-31 Thread Herold Heiko
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-k bug

2001-12-31 Thread Peter Gucwa @ IIS-RTP
option -k does not work in following call: wget -k -r -l 1 Regards Peter Gucwa