RE: Wget 1.8.2 bug

2003-10-20 Thread Sergey Vasilevsky
Thanks for explain this reasons. And I have anoter problem: in .wgetrc I use reject = *.[zZ][iI][pP]*,*.[rR][aA][rR]*,*.[gG][iI][fF]*,*.[jJ][pP][gG]*,*.[Ee][xX][E e]*,*[=]http* accept = *.yp*,*.pl*,*.dll*,*.nsf*,*.[hH][tT][mM]*,*.[pPsSjJ][hH][tT][mM]*,*.[pP][hH]


2003-10-20 Thread Martin Johnson
Hrvoje Niksic wrote: Martin Johnson [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: 2. Perhaps wget should implement: --passive-ftp=on --passive-ftp=off as well as plain --passive-ftp (same as -passive-ftp=on) This is not entirely obvious (to put it mildly), but you can always use `-e passive_ftp=off'.