RE: Wget 1.8.2 bug

2003-10-20 Thread Sergey Vasilevsky
Thanks for explain this reasons.

And I have anoter problem:
in .wgetrc I use
reject =
accept =

In command line add some more rules '-R xxx' - I think it joined with
previos rules.
And use recursive download.

In result I found *.zip and *.exe ...  files!
What I do wrong?

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 Tony Lewis [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes:

  Hrvoje Niksic wrote:
  Incidentally, Wget is not the only browser that has a problem with
  that.  For me, Mozilla is simply showing the source of, because
  the returned content-type is text/plain.
  On the other hand, Internet Explorer will treat lots of content
  types as HTML if the content starts with html.

 I know.  But so far noone has asked for this in Wget.

  Perhaps we can add an option to wget so that it will look for an
  html tag in plain text files?

 If more people clamor for the option, I suppose we could overload
 `--force-html' to perform such detection.


2003-10-20 Thread Martin Johnson
Hrvoje Niksic wrote:

 Martin Johnson [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes:

 2. Perhaps wget should implement:
 as well as plain --passive-ftp (same as -passive-ftp=on)

 This is not entirely obvious (to put it mildly), but you can always
 use `-e passive_ftp=off'.


 1. Perhaps wget should obey the setting of environment variable
 FTP_PASSIVE_MODE (=quot;NOquot; or quot;YESquot;)?

 Do other programs obey that variable?  Are its semantics defined

Yes, FreeBSD's fetch command uses that, probably via libftpio.  I think
the semantics are that FTP_PASSIVE_MODE=No (upper or lower case No) turns
Passive Mode Off, while any other values turn Passive Mode On (but I can't
check the source code while I'm at work!).

FreeBSD's Ports use fetch to downloading source files;  but I think wget
is nicer.  Switching from fetch to wget is easy: you just change a
makefile include :-)

Many thanks!

- Martin.

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