RE: wget 1.10.2 released

2005-10-17 Thread Herold Heiko
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downloading files partly with wget

2005-10-17 Thread Piotr Sobolewski
Hi, I use wget do download a lot of mp3s from one site. However, only small percent of them are interesting. So I'd like to make wget download only first 300 kb of each file. Is it possible? Nota bene: I am not subscribe to this list. If you answer this post, please add my address in CC. --

Re: brief report on NTLM buffer overflow

2005-10-17 Thread Mauro Tortonesi
Daniel Stenberg wrote: On Fri, 14 Oct 2005, Noèl Köthe wrote: The last paragraph says something like: Notable is the fast time of reaction of the Open Source developer: two days ago the problem was reported, yesterday corrected packages were produced and details of the vulnerability were