Problems with w2k in wget-1.9

2003-10-16 Thread Bloodflowers [Tuth 10]
First: the stupid errors (Winsock's fault) It is true that the winsock functions do not set errno, its actually pretty simple to grab the error code errno = WSAGetLastError(); this should suffice. Unfortunately, even if the error is set properly, strerror() will NOT give out the result.

Problems ands suggestions

2003-10-06 Thread Bloodflowers [Tuth 10]
I'm a big fan of wget. I've been usnig it for quite a while now, and am now testing the 1.9beta3 on win2k. First of all, I'd like to suggest a couple of things: # it should be possible to tell wget to ignore a couple of errors: FTPLOGINC // FTPs often give out this error when they're full. I