follow_ftp not work

2003-11-17 Thread Sergey Vasilevsky
Wget 1.9.1 .wgetrc: reject = *.[Ee][xX][Ee]* follow_ftp = off Command line: wget -np -nv -r -N -nH --referer= -P /tmp/ -D Output: Last-modified header missing -- time-stamps turned off. 13:15:08

RE: Wget 1.8.2 bug

2003-10-20 Thread Sergey Vasilevsky
Thanks for explain this reasons. And I have anoter problem: in .wgetrc I use reject = *.[zZ][iI][pP]*,*.[rR][aA][rR]*,*.[gG][iI][fF]*,*.[jJ][pP][gG]*,*.[Ee][xX][E e]*,*[=]http* accept = *.yp*,*.pl*,*.dll*,*.nsf*,*.[hH][tT][mM]*,*.[pPsSjJ][hH][tT][mM]*,*.[pP][hH]

Problem recursive download

2003-10-16 Thread Sergey Vasilevsky
I use wget 1.8.2 Try recursive downdload, but wget stop in first page. Why? index.html have links to another page. /usr/local/bin/wget -np -r -N -nH --referer= -P /tmp/ -D

RE: Problem recursive download

2003-10-16 Thread Sergey Vasilevsky
I think wget strong verify link syntax: a href=about_rus.html onMouseOver=img_on('main21'); onMouseOut=img_off('main21') That link have incorrect symbol ';' not quoted in a -Original Message- From: Sergey Vasilevsky [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2003 10:15

Wget 1.8.2 bug

2003-10-14 Thread Sergey Vasilevsky
I use wget 1.8.2. When I try recursive download site where first page redirect to that have first link in the page to then Wget download only xxx.html and stop. Other links from xxx.html not followed!

Question about url convert

2003-10-14 Thread Sergey Vasilevsky
Have wget any rules to convert retrive url to store url? Or may be in future? For example: Get - Filter - /PHPSESSID=[a-z0-9]+//i Save as -

problem with 302 server respose parsing

2003-10-08 Thread Sergey Vasilevsky
I use Wget 1.8.2. When I try receive page with '-nc' option and server return 302 and new url, wget not test that url on rules in '-nc' and download and rewrite existing file. I think wget not used command line option rules when parse server response header! It is a bug?

no-clobber add more suffix

2003-10-06 Thread Sergey Vasilevsky
`--no-clobber' is very usfull option, but i retrive document not only with .html/.htm suffix. Make addition option that like -A/-R define all allowed/rejected rules for -nc option.

problem use accept/reject rules

2003-09-15 Thread Sergey Vasilevsky
I use that rule in .wgetrc: accept = *[?]* and reject = *\.[zZ][iI][pP]* I think that rule exclude all *.zip* from download, but in test url like 33c9b8134c899 downloaded. Whats wrong wget or my regexp?