Re: Im not sure this is a bug or feature... (2GB limit?)

2006-10-14 Thread Fred Holmes
What operating system are you using? It may be a feature of your operating system. At 02:19 AM 10/14/2006, Tima Dronenko wrote: Hello :) Im not sure this is a bug or feature... I cant down load files bigger than 2GB using wget. Timofey. p.s. my log=

Re: %20 and spaces in a URL

2004-05-21 Thread Fred Holmes
WGET to download a file that is referenced in my work, so that the file is just downloaded and not opened by my browser into its viewing application. For large files the download seems to go much faster as well. Thanks, Fred Holmes At 09:01 PM 5/20/2004, Hrvoje Niksic wrote: Fred Holmes [EMAIL

Re: %20 and spaces in a URL

2004-05-21 Thread Fred Holmes
(or discover my error, I hope). I don't mean literally change to spaces, just parse the %20 correctly so that the file is in fact found and downloaded. I'm downloading single files, references on Google, using WGET instead of the browser. Thanks for your help. Fred Holmes

%20 and spaces in a URL -- #2

2004-05-21 Thread Fred Holmes
Here is an example of an instance where a filename containing %20 fails, but replacing the %20 with spaces, and enclosing in quotes works. At the end I find that just putting the original URL (with %20) in quotation marks makes it work. There is something else unusual about this URL. The first

%20 and spaces in a URL -- #3

2004-05-21 Thread Fred Holmes
Well, it's not simply the %20 that is the problem. Here's a simple, straightforward URL that has %20's in it and it downloads just fine. My apologies for the bum steer. Fred Holmes Microsoft Windows 2000 [Version 5.00.2195] (C) Copyright 1985-2000 Microsoft Corp. C:\Documents and Settings

%20 and spaces in a URL

2004-05-20 Thread Fred Holmes
If I have a URL that has %20 in place of spaces, and I use the URL directly as the argument of WGET, it seems that the file is always not found. I've discovered that if I replace each %20 with a space, and put quotation marks around the entire URL, it works. It would be nice to have a

RE: Wget - relative links within a script call aren't followed

2004-03-15 Thread Fred Holmes
. Thanks, Fred Holmes At 05:07 AM 3/15/2004, Herold Heiko wrote: No way, sorry. wget does not support javascript, so there is no way to have it follow that kind of links. Heiko -- -- PREVINET S.p.A. -- Heiko Herold [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] -- +39-041-5907073 ph -- +39-041

Aborting a large/long download that has -k?

2004-03-03 Thread Fred Holmes
aborts a large/long download, the -k process does not occur, and the already-downloaded files are wasted. Is there currently some way to recover from this? Thanks, Fred Holmes P.S. is this the right list to post wishlist items.

Re: Startup delay on Windows

2004-02-08 Thread Fred Holmes
in windows command prompt batch files) as %HOMEDRIVE% and %HOMEPATH%. Other flavors of Windows should be similar, if not the same, but I don't have the means to test any of them. Fred Holmes

Re: feature requests

2003-12-29 Thread Fred Holmes
Yes, yes, yes, I want this feature. I asked for it explicitly some time ago, but no one felt it worthy. I'm not a programmer, so I can't do it myself. Fred Holmes At 02:05 PM 12/29/2003, Vlada Macek wrote: --host-level=n It would be useful for me to differentiate the maximum recursion

Re: Annyoing behaviour with --input-file

2003-11-25 Thread Fred Holmes
established connection until the job is done. (All files on the list are in the same directory on the same host. But I only want to update four files out of about twenty, and some of the unwanted files are large enough that I don't want to just download all of them.) Fred Holmes At 11:35 PM 7/12

Re: Annyoing behaviour with --input-file

2003-11-25 Thread Fred Holmes
, and comparing using the .listing file, the comparison of all 700 files takes only about a second after the .listing file has been downloaded, and the download of the one new file (or two or three new files if a couple of days have gone by) begins immediately. v/r Fred Holmes

Re: Time Stamping and Daylight Savings Time

2003-11-04 Thread Fred Holmes
I am and have been using NTFS since the installation of the OS, on a brand new machine. At 05:40 PM 11/4/2003, Gisle Vanem wrote: Fred Holmes [EMAIL PROTECTED] said: OTOH, if anyone knows how to make Windows stop changing the time stamps, that would be even better. You're using FAT filesystem

Re: Time Stamping and Daylight Savings Time

2003-11-04 Thread Fred Holmes
lacking, and asked for a better recommendation on a local discussion list (WAMU ComputerGuys). A gal by the name of Vicky Staubly recommended WGET, and the rest, as they say, is history. v/r Fred Holmes

Re: Time Stamping and Daylight Savings Time

2003-11-04 Thread Fred Holmes
At 07:24 PM 11/4/2003, Hrvoje Niksic wrote: Until then, if old files really never change, could you simply use `-nc'? Yes, that will do it quite nicely. I missed that one. I'll try it tomorrow, but a simple condition like that should work well. Thanks for your help. Fred Holmes

Re: SSL, was WGET without console window -- works!

2003-10-10 Thread Fred Holmes
DLLs not found, proceed? Fred Holmes At 10:12 AM 10/10/2003, Vesselin Peev wrote: Thanks, I'll look into it as a simpler altenative solution. One nice side effect of wget source recompilation is that I was able to disable SSL support which I don't need and did away with the two OpenSSL DLLs

Re: wget 1.9 - behaviour change in recursive downloads

2003-10-03 Thread Fred Holmes
At 12:05 PM 10/3/2003, Hrvoje Niksic wrote: It's a feature. `-A zip' means `-A zip', not `-A zip,html'. Wget downloads the HTML files only because it absolutely has to, in order to recurse through them. After it finds the links in them, it deletes them. How about a switch to keep the .html

Handling search scripts?

2003-05-31 Thread Fred Holmes
How can one handle the following, where the URL is a search script? The URL will load the base page into one's browser correctly, but when it is used as an argument for WGET, WGET tries to use it as an output filename, and the filename contains invalid characters for Windows. Wget 1.8.2 for

Re: Where should I put the .wgetrc on windows

2003-03-31 Thread Fred Holmes Go to Mini HOWTO quick start: on the page and read the instructions there. Fred Holmes At 12:14 AM 3/31/2003, lameon wrote: I'm using windows NT/2000/XP, and where should I put the .wgetrc file. Thanks!

Re: say no to robots

2003-02-22 Thread Fred Holmes
-e robots=off -i filespec where filespec is an ASCII file containing the list of URLs to be downloaded. At 12:46 AM 2/22/2003, Payal Rathod wrote: Hi all, Can I tell wget to ignore robots.txt? If so how do I do it? Also, if I have 10 different URL to retrieve from, can I specify all of them in

Re: question

2003-02-16 Thread Fred Holmes
From the help -p, --page-requisitesget all images, etc. needed to display HTML page. I think you need to add the -p option as well. Fred Holmes At 05:05 AM 2/16/2003, Oleg Gorchakov wrote: Hello, I tried to copy to my local disk the manual

Re: WGet -n -nc options

2003-01-22 Thread Fred Holmes
You need -N (upper case). The switch is case sensitive. Glad to see that someone else is an f-prot user. At 12:23 AM 1/22/2003, Steve Bratsberg wrote: I am using Wget to update the date file for f-prot disks that boot from Dos. I have a copy of the zipped dat file on the hard drive and I have

Re: KB or kB

2002-02-08 Thread Fred Holmes
. Well, certainly among physicists, the k for kilo = x1000 is lower case. Consult any style manual for writing articles in scholarly physics journals. Of course, computer folks do as they please. g Fred Holmes

Re: KB or kB

2002-02-08 Thread Fred Holmes
there has been some recent revisionism. I'm not totally up to date in this stuff. Fred Holmes

Downloading all files by http:

2002-01-31 Thread Fred Holmes
Is there a syntax that will get all files with http? Thanks, Fred Holmes [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: hello

2002-01-28 Thread Fred Holmes
filespec to list the URLs in a list file. Use the above with -B to specify the base URL on the command line, and list just the filenames in the list file. Fred Holmes At 02:36 AM 1/28/2002, Nagaraj Gupta wrote: hi, I just downloaded windows version of wget(i.e, wget 1.8.1) and im very new

Re: just one page

2002-01-27 Thread Fred Holmes
-p download all support files necessary to view the page It doesn't seem to be in the wget --help information, but it's in the complete manual. Fred Holmes At 04:09 PM 1/27/2002, Didier Bretin wrote: Hello, Can you help me with the different options of wget. I'm under linux, with Netscape

Re: Retrieving multiple files

2002-01-14 Thread Fred Holmes
At 09:02 AM 1/14/2002, Hrvoje Niksic wrote: Fred Holmes [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Is there a syntax such that I can connect to the host once, transfer the four files, and then disconnect? Unfortunately, no, not yet. Actually, I dug through the documentation some more and found I could use

Retrieving multiple files

2002-01-13 Thread Fred Holmes
it probably doesn't make any difference, but if the host is busy, one doesn't want to lose an established connection. Thanks, Fred Holmes [EMAIL PROTECTED]

-H suggestion

2002-01-11 Thread Fred Holmes
is being retrieved from a foreign host. Second suggestion: The -i switch provides for a file listing the URLs to be downloaded. Please provide for a list file for URLs to be avoided when -H is enabled. Thanks for listening. And thanks for a marvelous product. Fred Holmes [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Suggestion on job size

2002-01-11 Thread Fred Holmes
process on the already-downloaded files. Fred Holmes