Re: links conversion; non-existent index.html

2005-05-01 Thread Jens Rösner
I know! But that is intentionally left without index.html. It should display content of the directory, and I want that wget mirror it correctly. Similar situation is here: it is left intentionally without index.html so that people could

Re: links conversion; non-existent index.html

2005-05-01 Thread Jens Rösner
Do I understand correctly that the mirror at feeble is created by you and wget? Yes, because this is in th HTML file itself:; It does not work in a browser, so why should it work in wget? It works in the browser:

Re: links conversion; non-existent index.html

2005-05-01 Thread Jens Rösner
Wget saves a mirror to your harddisk. Therefore, it cannot rely on an apache server generating a directory listing. Thus, it created an index.html as Apparently you have not tried to open that link, Which link? The non-working one on your incorrect mirror or the working one on my correct

Re: links conversion; non-existent index.html

2005-05-01 Thread Jens Rösner
The problem was that that link: instead of being properly converted to: Or, in fact, wget's default: was left like this on the main mirror page:

Re: newbie question

2005-04-14 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Alan! As the URL starts with https, it is a secure server. You will need to log in to this server in order to download stuff. See the manual for info how to do that (I have no experience with it). Good luck Jens (just another user) I am having trouble getting the files I want using a

Re: newbie question

2005-04-14 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi! Yes, I see now, I misread Alan's original post. I thought he would not even be able to download the single .pdf. Don't know why, as he clearly said it works getting a single pdf. Sorry for the confusion! Jens Tony Lewis [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: PS) Jens was mistaken when he said

Re: File rejection is not working

2005-04-06 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Jerry! AFAIK, RegExp for (HTML?) file rejection was requested a few times, but is not implemented at the moment. CU Jens (just another user) The -R option is not working in wget 1.9.1 for anything but specifically-hardcoded filenames.. file[Nn]ames such as [Tt]hese are simply

Re: de Hacene : raport un bug

2005-03-25 Thread Jens Rösner
Hallo! Je ne parle pas francais (ou presque pas du tout)... C:\wgetwget --proxy=on -x -r -l 2 -k -x -l imit-rate=50k --tries=45 --directory-prefix=AsptDD Je pense que ce doit être: C:\wgetwget --proxy=on -x -r -l 2 -k -x -limit-rate=50k --tries=45 --directory-prefix=AsptDD dans un ligne de

Re: Feautre Request: Directory URL's and Mime Content-Type Header

2005-03-21 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Levander! I am not an expert by any means, just another user, but what does the -E option do for you? -E = --html-extension apache. Could wget, for url's that end in slashes, read the content-type header, and if it's text/xml, could wget create index.xml inside the directory wget

Re: Bug

2005-03-20 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Jorge! Current wget versions do not support large files 2GB. However, the CVS version does and the fix will be introduced to the normal wget source. Jens (just another user) When downloading a file of 2GB and more, the counter get crazy, probably it should have a long instead if a int

Re: -X regex syntax? (repost)

2005-02-18 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Vince! I did give -X*backup a try, and it too didn't work for me. :( Does the -Xdir work for you at all? If not, there might be a problem with MacOS. I hope one of the more knowledgeable people here can help you! However, I would like to confirm something dumb - will wget fetch these

Re: a little help for use wget

2005-02-18 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi LucMa! I have find a command for autoskip if the file in my PC have the same name of the file on the ftp -nc I guess. but now i need a command for overwrite the file on my PC if is smaller respect to the file in the ftp. -e robots=off -N -N should do the trick.

Re: -X regex syntax? (repost)

2005-02-17 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Vince! tip or two with regards to using -X? I'll try! wget -r --exclude-directories='*.backup*' --no-parent \ Well, I am using wget under Windows and there, you have have to use exp, not 'exp', to make it work. The *x* works as expected. I could not test

Re: -X regex syntax? (repost)

2005-02-17 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Vince! So, so far these don't work for me: --exclude-directories='*.backup*' --exclude-directories=*.backup* --exclude-directories=*\.backup* Would -X*backup be OK for you? If yes, give it a try. If not, I think you'd need the correct escaping for the ., but I have no idea how to do

RE: -i problem: Invalid URL ¹h: Unsupported scheme

2005-02-13 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Mike! Strange! I suspect that you have some kind of typo in your test.txt If you cannot spot one, try wget -d -o logi.txt -i test.txt as a command line and send the debug output. Good luck Jens (just another user) a) I've verified that they both exist b) All of the URLs are purely HTTP.

Re: command prompt closes immediately after opening

2005-02-12 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Jon! Yes, I tried using the 'command prompt' (thru XP) and it replied: 'wget' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operatable program or batch file Did you cd to the directory wget was unpacked to? If not, you either need to or add the wget directory to your path

Re: command prompt closes immediately after opening

2005-02-12 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Jon! and added the text wget; in the file and saved it.I then double-clicked on it and nothing happened that I could see. Well, there now should be a file called index.html in your wget directory! Now replace the text in your wget.bat with

--cache=off: misleading manual?

2005-01-16 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Wgeteers! I understand that -C off as short for --cache=off was dropped, right? However, the wget.html that comes with Herold's Windows binary mentions only --no-cache and the wgetrc option cache = on/off I just tried 1.9+cvs-dev-200404081407 unstable development version and --cache=off

Re: timeouts not functioning

2005-01-04 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Colin! I am just another user and rarely use timeout. I hope I am not causing more trouble than I'm solving. I'm attempting to use wget's --timeout flag to limit the time spent downloading a file. However, wget seems to ignore this setting. For example, if I set --timeout=2, the download

Re: wget 1.9.1

2004-10-18 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Gerriet! Only three images, which were referenced in styles.css, were missing. Yes, wget does not parse css or javascript. I thought that the -p option causes Wget to download all the files that are necessary to properly display a given HTML page. This includes such things as inlined

Re: img dynsrc not downloaded?

2004-10-17 Thread Jens Rösner
dynsrc is Microsoft DHTML for IE, if I am not mistaken. As wget is -thankfully- not MS IE, it fails. I just did a quick google and it seems that the use of dynsrc is not recommended anyway. What you can do is to download Jens (and

Re: wget -r ist not recursive

2004-09-13 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Helmut! I suspect there is a robots.txt that says index, no follow Try wget -nc -r -l0 -p -np -erobots=off; it works for me. -l0 says: infinite recursion depth -p means page requisites (not really necessary) -erobots=off orders wget to ignore any

Re: Cannot WGet Google Search Page?

2004-06-12 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Phil! Without more info (wget's verbose or even debug output, full command line,...) I find it hard to tell what is happening. However, I have had very good success with wget and google. So, some hints: 1. protect the google URL by enclosing it in 2. remember to span (and allow only certain)

Re: HELP: Can not load websites with frames

2004-06-11 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi François! Well, it seems to work for me. Here's how: Open the frame in another window (works in Mozilla easily), then you'll see the URL:

Re: HELP: Can not load websites with frames

2004-06-11 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi all! François just told me that it works. :) I thought that maybe I'll should add why it does ;) The original website sits on, the info frame however is loaded from As wget by default only downloads pages from the same server (which makes

Re: Maybe a bug or something else for wget

2004-05-24 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Ben! Not at a bug as far as I can see. Use -A to accept only certain files. Furthermore, the pdf and ppt files are located across various servers, you need to allow wget to parse other servers than the original one by -H and then restrict it to only certain ones by -D. wget -nc -x -r -l2 -p

Re: Site Mirror

2004-05-11 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Kelvin! I must admit that I am a bit puzzled. I am trying to mirror a web site that has many hierarchical levels. I am using the command wget -m -k $site which allows me to view the site fine. However, I wish the mirror to make a directory structure that also mimics the website

Re: skip robots

2004-02-08 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Hrvoje! In other words, save a copy of wget.texi, make the change, and send the output of `diff -u wget.texi.orig wget.texi'. That's it. Uhm, ok. I found diff for windows among other GNU utilities at if someone is interested. distribution. See

Re: skip robots

2004-02-08 Thread Jens Rösner
You're close. You forgot the `-u' option to diff (very important), and you snipped the beginning of the `patch' output (also important). Ok, I forgot the -u switch which was stupid as I actually read the command line in the patches file :( But concerning the snipping I just did diff

Re: Startup delay on Windows

2004-02-08 Thread Jens Rösner
[...] Cygwin considers `c:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME' to be the home directory. I wonder if that is reachable through registry... Does anyone have an idea what we should consider the home dir under Windows, and how to find it? Doesn't this depend on each user's personal

Re: skip robots

2004-02-07 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Hrvoje! PS: One note to the manual editor(s?): The -e switch could be (briefly?) mentioned also at the wgetrc commands paragraph. I think it would make sense to mention it there again without clustering the manual too much. Currently it is only mentioned in Basic Startup Options (and

Re: Why no -nc with -N?

2004-02-05 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Dan, I must admit that I don't fully understand your question. -nc means no clobber, that means that files that already exist locally are not downloaded again, independent from their age or size or whatever. -N means that only newer files are downloaded (or if the size differs). So these

Re: skip robots

2004-02-04 Thread Jens Rösner
use robots = on/off in your wgetrc or wget -e robots = on/off URL in your command line Jens PS: One note to the manual editor(s?): The -e switch could be (briefly?) mentioned also at the wgetrc commands paragraph. I think it would make sense to mention it there again without clustering the

RE: apt-get via Windows with wget

2004-02-03 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Heiko! Until now, I linked to your main page. Would you mind if people short-cut this? Linking to the directory is bad since people would download Sorry, I meant linking directly to the latest zip. However, I personally prefer to read what the provider (in this case you) has to say

Re: downloading multiple files question...

2004-02-03 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Ron! If I understand you correctly, you could probably use the -A acclist --accept acclist accept = acclist option. So, probably (depending on your site), the syntax should be something like: wget -r -A *.pdf URL wget -r -A *.pdf -np URL or, if you have to recurse through multiple html

RE: apt-get via Windows with wget

2004-02-02 Thread Jens Rösner
Hello Heiko! I added a, if you want to link to a fixed url use that, I'll update it whenever needed. Currently it is the same archive as the . Great! Thank you very much, Heiko. I think I'll use it on my wgetgui page as well! :) But

Re: apt-get via Windows with wget

2004-02-01 Thread Jens Rösner
Note: Mail redirected from bug to normal wget list. H For getting Wget you might want to link directly to H, OK, but too bad there's no stable second link .../ so I don't have to update my web page to follow the

Re: Spaces in directories/files are converted to '@' symbol.

2004-01-09 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Tommy! Does this option, first shown in 1.9.1 (I think) help you: --restrict-file-names=mode It controls file-name escaping. I'll mail the complete extract from the manual to your private mail address. You can download the current wget version from CU Jens

Re: problem with LF/CR etc.

2003-11-20 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi! Do you propose that squashing newlines would break legitimate uses of unescaped newlines in links? I personally think that this is the main question. If it doesn't break other things, implement squashing newlines as the default behaviour. Or are you arguing on principle that such

Re: How to send line breaks for textarea tag with wget

2003-11-16 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Jing-Shin! Thanks for the pointers. Where can I get a version that support the --post-data option? My newest version is 1.8.2, but it doesn't have this option. -JS Current version is 1.9.1. The wget site lists download options on Good luck Jens --

Re: Web page source using wget?

2003-10-13 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Suhas! Well, I am by no means an expert, but I think that wget closes the connection after the first retrieval. The SSL server realizes this and decides that wget has no right to log in for the second retrieval, eventhough the cookie is there. I think that is a correct behaviour for a

Re: Web page source using wget?

2003-10-13 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Hrvoje! retrieval, eventhough the cookie is there. I think that is a correct behaviour for a secure server, isn't it? Why would it be correct? Sorry, I seem to have been misled by my own (limited) experience: From the few secure sites I use, most will not let you log in again after

Re: Error: wget for Windows.

2003-10-08 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Suhas! I am trying to use wget for Windows get this message: The ordinal 508 could not be located in the dynamic link library LIBEAY32.dll. You are very probably using the wrong version of the SSL files. Take a look at Herold has nicely rearranged the

Re: no-clobber add more suffix

2003-10-06 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Sergey! -nc does not only apply to .htm(l) files. All files are considered. At least in all wget versions I know of. I cannot comment on your suggestion, to restrict -nc to a user-specified list of file types. I personally don't need it, but I could imagine certain situations were this

Bug in Windows binary?

2003-10-05 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi! I downloaded wget 1.9 beta 2003/09/29 from Heiko along with the SSL binaries. wget --help and wget --version will work, but any downloading like wget will immediately fail. The debug output is very brief as well: wget -d

Re: The Dynamic link Library LIBEAY32.dll

2003-01-14 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Stacee, a quick cut'n'paste into google revealed the following page: Hope that helps Jens Stacee Kinney wrote: Hello, I installed Wget.exe on a Windows 2000 system and has setup Wget.exe to run a maintenance file on an hourly

Re: wget -m imply -np?

2002-12-30 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Karl! From my POV, the current set-up is the best solution. Of course, I am also no developer, but an avid user. Sometimes you just don't know the structure of the website in advance, so using -m as a trouble-free no-brainer will get you the complete site neatly done with timestamps. BTW,

Re: Improvement: Input file Option

2002-10-08 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Pi! Copied straight from the wget.hlp: # -i file --input-file=file Read URLs from file, in which case no URLs need to be on the command line. If there are URLs both on the command line and in an input file, those on the command lines will be the first

Re: -p is not respected when used with --no-parent

2002-09-20 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Dominic! Since wget 1.8, the following should be the case: * *** When in page-requisites (-p) mode, no-parent (-np) is ignored when retrieving for inline images, stylesheets, and other documents needed to display the page. ** (Taken from the included news file of wget

Re: user-agent string

2002-09-02 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Jakub! But I get the same files as running this coomand without using user-agent string. What is wrong with the files you get? Do you not get all the files? Many servers (sites) do not make a difference what user-agent accesses them. So the files will not differ. If you know that you don't

Re: getting the correct links

2002-08-28 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Chris! Using the -k switch (convert local files to relative links) should do what you want. CU Jens Christopher Stone wrote: Hi. I am new to wget, and although it doesn't seem to difficult, I am unable to get the desired results that I am looking for. I currently have a web

-r -R.exe downloads exe file

2002-08-04 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi! With wget 1.9-beta, wget will download .exe files although they should be rejected (-r -R.exe). After the download, wget removes the local file. I understand that html files are downloaded even if -R.html,.htm is specified as the links that may be included in them have to be parsed.

Syntax for exclude_directories?

2002-07-27 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi guys! Could someone please explain to me how to use -X (exclude_directories; --exclude) correctly on Windos machines? I tried wget -X/html -x -k -r -l0 wget -Xhtml -x -k -r -l0 wget -X html -x -k -r -l0

Re: robots.txt

2002-06-10 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Pike and the list! or your indexing mech might loop on it, or crash the server. who knows. I have yet to find a site which forces wGet into a loop as you said. I have a few. And I have a few java servers on linux that really hog the machine when requested. They're up for testing. Ok,

Re: speed units

2002-06-10 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Joonas! There was a lengthy discussion about this topic a few months ago. I am pretty sure (=I hope) that noone wants to revamp this (again). I personally think that if people start regarding this as a bug wget is damn close to absolute perfection. (Yes, I know, perfection is per

Re: robots.txt

2002-06-09 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi! Why not just put robots=off in your .wgetrc? hey hey the robots.txt didn't just appear in the website; someone's put it there and thought about it. what's in there has a good reason. Wll, from my own experience, the #1 reason is that webmasters do not want webgrabbers of any kind

Re: A couple of wget newbie questions (proxy server and multiplefiles)

2002-05-16 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Dale! Do I have to do 4 separate logins passing my username/passowrd each time? If not, how do I list the 4 separate directories I need to pull files from without performing 4 logins? you should be able to put the four files into a .txt file and then use this txt-file with -i filename.txt

Re: Feature request

2002-04-24 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Frederic! I'd like to know if there is a simple way to 'mirror' only the images from a galley (ie. without thumbnails). [...] I won't address the options you suggested, because I think they should be evaluated by a developper/coder. However, as I often download galleries (and have some

Re: Feature request

2002-04-24 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Brix! It also seems these options are incompatible: --continue with --recursive [...] JR How should wget decide if it needs to re-get or continue the file? [...] Brix: Not wanting to repeat my post from a few days ago (but doing so nevertheless) the one way without checking all files

Re: Validating cookie domains

2002-04-19 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Ian! This is amazingly stupid. It seems to make more sense if you subtract one from the number of periods. That was what I thought, too. Could you assume that all two-letter TLDs are country-code TLDs and require one more period than other TLDs (which are presumably at least three

Re: LAN with Proxy, no Router

2002-04-10 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Ian! wgetrc works fine under windows (always has) however, .wgetrc is not possible, but maybe . does mean in root dir under Unix? The code does different stuff for Windows. Instead of looking for '.wgetrc' in the user's home directory, it looks for a file called 'wget.ini' in the

Re: feature wish: switch to disable robots.txt usage

2002-04-10 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi! Just to be complete, thanks to Hrvoje's tip, I was able to find -e command --execute command Execute command as if it were a part of .wgetrc (see Startup File.). A command thus invoked will be executed after the commands in .wgetrc, thus taking precedence over them. I always wondered

LAN with Proxy, no Router

2002-04-09 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi! I recently managed to get my big machine online using a two PC (Windows boxes) LAN. A PI is the server, running both Zonealaram and Jana under Win98. The first one a firewall, the second one a proxy programme. On my client, an Athlon 1800+ with Windows 2000 I want to work with wget and

Re: wget usage

2002-04-05 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Gérard! I think you should have a look at the -p option. It stands for page requisites and should do exactly what you want. If I am not mistaken, -p was introduced in wget 1.8 and improved for 1.8.1 (the current version). CU Jens I'd like to download a html file with its embedded

Re: option changed: -nh - -nH

2002-04-03 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Noèl! -nh and -nH are totally different. from wget 1.7.1 (I think the last version to offer both): `-nh' `--no-host-lookup' Disable the time-consuming DNS lookup of almost all hosts (*note Host Checking::). `-nH' `--no-host-directories' Disable generation of host-prefixed

Re: file retrieving fails -why?

2002-04-03 Thread Jens Rösner
Hallo Markus! This is not a bug (I reckon) and should therefore have been sent to the normal wget list. Using both wget 1.7.1 and 1.8.1 on Windows the file is downloaded with wget -d -U Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Konqueror/2.2.1; Linux) -r

Re: spanning hosts: 2 Problems

2002-03-28 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi again, Ian and fellow wgeteers! A debug log will be useful if you can produce one. Sure I (or wget) can and did. It is 60kB of text. Zipping? Attaching? Also note that if receive cookies that expire around 2038 with debugging on, the Windows version of Wget will crash! (This is a known

Re: (Fwd) Proposed new --unfollowed-links option for wget

2002-03-08 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi List! As a non-wget-programmer I also think that this option may be very useful. I'd be happy to see it wget soon :) Just thought to drop in some positive feedback :) CU Jens -u, --unfollowed-links=FILE log unfollowed links to FILE. Nice. It sounds useful.

Re: maybe code from pavuk would help

2002-03-02 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Noèl! )message CC changed to normal wget list( Rate-limiting is possible since wget 1.7.1 or so, please correct me if it was 1.8! requests for http post pop up occasionaly, but as far as I am concerned, I don't need it and I think it is not in the scope of wget currently. Filling out forms

RE: Accept list

2002-02-28 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Peter! I was using 153 I am getting 181 now Good idea, but --accept=patchdiagxref,103566*,103603*,103612*,103618* a href=patches/112502readme112502readme/abr a href=patches/112504-01zip112504-01zip/abr a href=patches/112504readme112504readme/abr a

Re: How does -P work?

2002-01-14 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Herold! Thanks for the testing, I must admit, trying -nd did not occur to me :( I already have implemented a \ to / conversion in my wgetgui, but forgot to strip the trailing (as Hrvoje suggested) / *doh* Anyway, I would of course be happy to see a patch like you proposed, but I understand

Re: Suggestion on job size

2002-01-11 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Fred! First, I think this would rather belong in the normal wget list, as I cannot see a bug here. Sorry to the bug tracers, I am posting to the normal wget List and cc-ing Fred, hope that is ok. To your first request: -Q (Quota) should do precisely what you want. I used it with -k and it

How does -P work?

2002-01-05 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi! Can I use -P (Directory prefix) to save files in a user-determinded folder on another drive under Windows? I tried -PC:\temp\ which does not work (I am starting from D:\) Also -P..\test\ would not save into the dir above the current one. So I changed the \ into / and it worked. However, I

-nh broken 1.8

2001-12-24 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi! I already posted this on the normal wget list, to which I am subscribed. Problem: -nh does not work in 1.8 latest windows binary. By not working I mean that it is not recognized as a valid parameter. (-nh is no-host look-up and with it on, two domain names pointing to the same IP are

Re: -nh broken 1.8

2001-12-24 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Hrvoje! -nh does not work in 1.8 latest windows binary. By not working I mean that it is not recognized as a valid parameter. (-nh is no-host look-up and with it on, two domain names pointing to the same IP are treated as different) You no longer need `-nh' to get that kind of

Re: -nh broken 1.8

2001-12-24 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi! 2. Wouldn't it be a good idea to mention the deletion of the -nh option in a file? Maybe. What file do you have in mind? First and foremost the news file, but I think it would also not be misplaced in wget.html and/or wget.hlp /.info (whatever it is called on Unix systems).

-nh -nH??

2001-12-23 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi wgeteers! I noticed that -nh (no host look-up) seems to be gone in 1.8.1. Is that right? At first I thought, Oh, you fool, it is -nH, you mixed it up But, obviously, these are two different options. I read the news file and the wget.hlp and wget.html but could not find an answer. I always

Re: referer question

2001-09-13 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi Vladi! If you are using windows, you might try it is a GUI for wGet written in VB 6.0. If you click on the checkbox identify as browser, wGetGUI will create a command line like you want. I use it and it works for me. Hope this helps? CU Jens Vladi wrote:

wGetGUI now under the GPL

2001-06-23 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi guysgals! ;) I just wanted to let you know, that with v0.5 of wGetGUI, it is now released under the GPL, so if you feel like modifying or laughing at the source code, you can now do so. CU Jens

Re: Download problem

2001-06-14 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi! For all who cannot download the windows binaries, they are now available through my site: And while you are there, why not download wGetGUI v0.4? :) If Heiko is reading this: May I just keep the

(complete) GUI for those Windows users

2001-06-12 Thread Jens Rösner
Hi there! First, let me introduce myself: I am studying mechanical engineering and for a lecture I am learning Visual Basic. I was looking for a non-brain-dead way to get used to it and when a friend of mine told me that he finds wGet too difficult to use I just went *bing* So, look what I have