Re: Metric units

2004-12-24 Thread patrick robinson
first pentium! merry christmas to all Regards Patrick Robinson

Re: Robots = off directive

2004-02-16 Thread patrick robinson
versions by now. Regards Patrick Robinson

Re: wget can't get the following site

2004-01-09 Thread patrick robinson
the url in double quotes. Anyway you might meet a site every now and then which is still tricky to get. Regards Patrick Robinson

wget syntax for extension reject

2003-10-17 Thread Patrick Robinson
Hello, would someone be so kind to tell me the exact syntax to tell wget which extensions it should reject, e.g. mp3 or mpg Somehow I can't figure it out by trying and by the manpage. Thanks Regards Patrick Robinson

Re: Major, and seemingly random problems with wget 1.8.2

2003-10-11 Thread Patrick Robinson
Hello Hrvoje, On 07-Oct-03, you wrote: is it possible for someone to e-mail me a working wget setup for amiga to my private mail? Thanks Regards Patrick Robinson