Re: Metric units

2004-12-24 Thread patrick robinson

On 24-Dec-04, you wrote:

 Yeah, you're both right.  While we're at it, why don't we just round off the
 value of pi to be 3.0.  Those pesky trailing decimals are just an accident
 of history anyway.

.sorry for my stupid interferrence - don't blame it on history, blame it
on Intel's first pentium!

merry christmas to all


Patrick Robinson

Re: Robots = off directive

2004-02-16 Thread patrick robinson
Hello Hrvoje,

On 16-Feb-04, you wrote:

 chatiman [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes:

 I'm trying to download a robots.txt protexted directory and I'm having the
 following problem:
 - wget downloads the files but delete them after they are downloaded with
 the following :message (translated from french):
 Destroyed file because it must be rejected

 That message has nothing to do with robots.txt, it means that you have
 rejected the file using the `-R' or equivalent option.

Here you go again with this IMHO stupid implemented option.
I'm using it too but on some suffixes it acts after downloading by deleting
the already downloaded file and on other suffixes it works in advance.

I wonder why it not always rejects predefined files/suffixes in advance.
I doesn't make much sense to download them and then delete them.

But I'm only using version 1.8.2 maybe it has been changed in more recent
versions by now.

Patrick Robinson

Re: wget can't get the following site

2004-01-09 Thread patrick robinson
Hello David,

 Because the URL has special characters in it, surround it in double quotes:

Ehm, well yes. Maybe I also should had mentioned that.

Downloading mostly should work if surrounding the url in double quotes.
Anyway you might meet a site every now and then which is still tricky to get.


Patrick Robinson

wget syntax for extension reject

2003-10-17 Thread Patrick Robinson

would someone be so kind to tell me the exact syntax to tell wget which
extensions it should reject, e.g. mp3 or mpg
Somehow I can't figure it out by trying and by the manpage.



Patrick Robinson

Re: Major, and seemingly random problems with wget 1.8.2

2003-10-11 Thread Patrick Robinson
Hello Hrvoje,

On 07-Oct-03, you wrote:

is it possible for someone to e-mail me a working wget setup for amiga to
my private mail?


Patrick Robinson