Re: Current download speed in progress bar

2002-04-10 Thread Robin B. Lake
For what it's worth, I have sitting here a publication that provides the digital filter weights for various low-pass filters. Pick the number of points and the spectrum you want and there's a close fit. Rob Lake [EMAIL PROTECTED] From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Wed Apr 10 12:06:02 2002 Mailing-List:

Re: How to save what I see (2)

2002-01-01 Thread Robin B. Lake
In a prior posting, I asked about saving an image from a Web page instead of just saving the information necessary to re-retrieve that image. I was advised to try -p -k --html-extension Using wget-1.8.1-pre2, I still don't see the image data saved in the .html file wget creates. Another

How to save what I see?

2001-12-29 Thread Robin B. Lake
I'm using wget to save a tick chart of a stock index each night. wget -nH -q -O /QoI/working/CHARTS/$myday+OEX.html '' The Web site returns an image, whose HTML is: IMG

Re: New win binary

2001-12-06 Thread Robin B. Lake
New binary and sources at for 1.8-pre1+cvs 2001/12/06, compiles flawlessly. Heiko -- -- PREVINET S.p.A.[EMAIL PROTECTED] -- Via Ferretto, 1ph x39-041-5907073 -- I-31021 Mogliano (TV) fax x39-041-5907087 -- ITALY


2001-12-01 Thread Robin B. Lake
I have the output listing from ./configure and make for Wget-1.8-Beta under OS 10.1.1 Macintosh. I don't want to bore the mailing list by including it. To whom should I send it off-list? Thanks, Robin Lake [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: WGET multiple files?

2001-10-10 Thread Robin B. Lake
How DOES Wget support HTTP cookies? I access a real-time stock quote site where (IF I use my browser AND login to the site) I can get real-time quotes. However IF I script Wget to get the quotes from the site (same URL), I get quotes that are 20-minutes delayed. Monitoring the IP packets, the

Help compiling Wget on MachTen

2001-08-20 Thread Robin B. Lake
Compiling wget on a Mac G3, OS 8.6, MachTen 4.1.1. After converting the un-tarred files from Mac to UNIX, and running ./configure, typing make yields the following: root@G3# make echo timestamp cd src make CC='gcc' CPPFLAGS='' DEFS='-DHAVE_CONFIG_H -DSYSTEM_WGETRC=\/usr