Re: more of a question I guess..

2002-01-08 Thread T. Bharath
replace the first @ with %40 and check Regards Bharath Turgut Kalfaoglu wrote: Hi. I love WGET, but I have a stumper: How do you put a URL if the FTP site requires a password that has an '@' in it?? Like: wget ftp://userid:password@[EMAIL PROTECTED]:21/pub/incoming/ does not


2001-11-27 Thread T. Bharath
VC++ has it Generates a pseudorandom number. Routine Required Header rand stdlib.h int rand( void ); Libraries All versions of the C run-time libraries. Return Values rand returns a pseudorandom number, as described above. There is no error return. Remarks The rand function returns a

standalone parser

2001-08-29 Thread T. Bharath
Iam trying to use the html parser as a standalone parser in my code. Iam trying to retrieve only the urls of the elements to render the page i have set the dash_p_leaf_HTML in get_urls_html It does not download img tag urls inside the href tag Consider the following snippet of html from


2001-08-22 Thread T. Bharath
Check the mailing list archive I remember seeing a patch long ago search for archives before 2001 Jan Regards Bharath Sönke Ruempler wrote: Hi, is there a way to use HTTP POST with wget ?? pls cc to me cuz i am not on the list ;) -- Mit freundlichem Gruß Sönke Ruempler top concepts


2001-06-26 Thread T. Bharath
I had tried that fix already but when i try this after applying the fix wget -E -H -k -K -nh -p -nc -P Downloads i find that after index.html(first page) it gets stuck. Hrvoje Niksic wrote: T. Bharath [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: void *drfa_new_basevar

Re: stealing from cURL

2001-06-07 Thread T. Bharath
Its is a fantastic library that supports multithreading too.I use it and is easy to use Thanks to Daniel Hrvoje Niksic wrote: Daniel Stenberg [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: (Not related to this, but I thought I could through this in: One of the blue-sky dreams I have for a rainy day, is

Re: win binary

2001-06-05 Thread T. Bharath
The server seems to reset the connection when the source or binary is downloaded can you look into it Herold Heiko wrote: A windows binary for 1.7 is present at . Heiko -- -- PREVINET S.p.A.[EMAIL PROTECTED] -- Via Ferretto, 1

Re: invalid char in filenames

2001-05-06 Thread T. Bharath
in windows i just retained what was there Jonas Jensen wrote: T. Bharath [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote Index: src/url.c === diff -u -r url.c @@ -1237,21 +1237,21 @@ /* DOS-ish file systems don't like `%' signs in them; we change

invalid char in filenames

2001-05-02 Thread T. Bharath
When we try to download a redirected url similar to wget tries to store that in a filename same as the url(forside.asp?page=deptobjno=509). Some of these characters are illegal(in windows \ [ ] : ; = ? , are illegal) in a filename so