Re: wget 1.7 configure errors

2001-06-06 Thread TenThumbs
On Tue, 5 Jun 2001, Jan Prikryl wrote: Yes, the SSL detection is broken on some systems. We are working on a fix. Since wget is now a crypto application, I suggest extreme caution here. On my system, only static SSL libraries exist. It bothers me greatly that an attacker could corrupt a

wget 1.7 configure errors

2001-06-05 Thread tenthumbs
I said ./configure --with-ssl but the script said it couldn't find ssl libs. They're in the default /usr/local/ssl location. Looking at config.log, I see that gcc is upset, claiming that -rpath is an invalid option. That's right. It's a linker option so gcc should see -Wl,-rpath. If I make that