Cookie handling problem

2006-02-10 Thread wget . overbored
Hi all, I have a problem archiving a website using wget 1.10.2. It sends back cookies in an incorrect syntax (the line ends in cookie_name=). Here is the relevant wget --debug output: === BEGIN OUTPUT === ---response begin--- HTTP/1.1 302 Moved Temporarily Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2006 03:58:47 GMT

Re: Wget not resending cookies on Location: in headers

2005-04-26 Thread wget
notice that the cookie's path is wget/setcookie.php. For one, the setcookie.php part should have been stripped (Mozilla does this, I've just checked). Second, the path should always begin with a slash. Either of these problems would guarantee that no other URL would ever match this cookie. I've

Wget not resending cookies on Location: in headers

2005-04-25 Thread wget
Hello, I use Wget version 1.10-alpha2+cvs-dev (because of the avalability of the --keep-session-cookies option). I'm trying to wget a member page, where cookies are required for access. The usual login procedure is: - - Get a session cookie (PHPSESSID) on http

Re: Wget not resending cookies on Location: in headers

2005-04-25 Thread wget
Is there a publically accessible site that exhibits this problem? I've set up a small example which illustrates the problem. Files can be found at (using demo:test as login). Three files: setcookie.php: -- ? setcookie(wget,I love it!); ? getcookie.php

wget appears to not send cookies on POST request

2005-04-07 Thread wget
Hi, I'm trying to automate a rather long file download process using wget. The process goes like this: 1) Request main home page (to get first session cookie) 2) Submit login form (to get next authorization cookie) 3) Submit another form (to get file to download) 4) Log out Each of these steps

problem downloading images from Zope documentation pages

2003-12-23 Thread rupert . bug-wget
Hi. I'm trying to download the documentation for the Zope application server, at, and I'm having problems getting the images. For example, when I run the following command: /usr/bin/wget -kp \

Get a segmentation fault on this link command

2002-12-05 Thread wget
This is the command I use: wget -mp -P/downs I think it might be because in the tindex.html file is a double call to http-refresh which is written badly, at different times 2 and 15, in the META section. Or the call

Wget license and OpenSSL license incompatible

2001-09-06 Thread wget
FYI, the GPL license that wget is shipped with is incompatible with the OpenSSL license. Below is a mail message I forward to the development mailing list for lftp and a response from [EMAIL PROTECTED] As far as I know, this only presents a problem when wget binaries linked against OpenSSL

Re: How do I get SSL support to work in 1.7?

2001-06-07 Thread wget
to be configured to support this. So, if wget doesn't call RAND_egd() from OpenSSL, there is *nothing* you can do. And, from a quick perusal of wget 1.7, it doesn't. So, 1.7 is useless for https:// on any system without /dev/random. Ouch. I would be thankful for any patches that allowed the use

Re: wget 1.7, linux, -rpath

2001-06-06 Thread wget
On Wed, Jun 06, 2001 at 06:36:26PM +0200, Jan Prikryl wrote: Quoting [EMAIL PROTECTED] ([EMAIL PROTECTED]): The ssl support is much appreciated in wget 1.7. But there is a problem with the configure support that makes it think ssl can't be used, at least with gcc 2.95.2 on my redhat 6.2

Re: How do I get SSL support to work in 1.7?

2001-06-06 Thread wget
shared libraries, but I have libssl.a and libcrypto.a installed, and wget's configure process does find them. (Do I need to install the shared libraries?) For example, I can connect to in Netscape just fine, but here's what happens when I try with wget 1.7: [... debug