mswindows.h patch

2003-10-03 Thread Gisle Vanem
Regarding my run_with_timeout() patch, I forgot the following patch to mswindows.h (which isnt included in util.c). In my forthcoming patches for IPv6, we need to use the correct Winsock headers. To avoid ifdef clutter throughout the .c-files, I've put them in mswindows.h. So the .c-files

Re: mswindows.h patch

2003-10-03 Thread Hrvoje Niksic
Thanks for the patch, I've now applied it with the following ChangeLog entry: 2003-10-03 Gisle Vanem [EMAIL PROTECTED] * connect.c: And don't include them here. * mswindows.h: Include winsock headers here. However, I've postponed applying the part that changes `-d'. I agree