Re: Handling of .. in url

2005-12-02 Thread Frank McCown
behavior implemented, wget would never make a URL request with .. in it except in the query string. Therefore .. would never need to be encoded since a query string with blah/../blah would always be encoded to blah%2F..%2Fblah and would not affect the file system path. Frank

Re: Apology for absence

2002-07-25 Thread Hrvoje Niksic
. The solution is to have url_filename and friends call different, file-name related functions. They should: a) Be able to encode truly illegal or strange characters in URL. For example, slashes may well appear in query string: baz?x= b) Not use the % character for encoding, so

More flexible URL file name generation

2003-09-14 Thread Hrvoje Niksic
; /* POST query string */ char *post_file_name;/* File to post */ + + enum { +restrict_none, +restrict_shell, +restrict_windows + } restrict_file_names; /* whether we restrict file name chars. */ }; extern struct options opt; Index: src/url.c

url.c tweaks

2001-04-13 Thread Hrvoje Niksic
*p2++ = XDIGIT_TO_XCHAR (c 0xf); + } + else + *p2++ = *p1++; +} + *p2 = '\0'; + assert (p2 - newstr == newlen); + + return newstr; +} + +/* Encode the unsafe characters (as determined by UNSAFE_CHAR) in a given string, returning a malloc-ed %XX encoded string. */