re: 'delete remote' functionality for ftp transfers

2004-08-29 Thread Leonid
would be to send a e-mail to the server with a request for file deleting. Server parses e-mail, checks authorization and executes request. Leonid

bug / overflow issue

2004-09-02 Thread Leonid
Patrik, Patch for wget with large file support (2Gb) under Unix can be found at Leonid

Re: 2 giga file size limit ?

2004-09-09 Thread Leonid
Jonathan, There exists more than one LFS patch for wget. For Linux, Sun and HP-UX one can use Leonid

Re: 2 giga file size limit ?

2004-09-12 Thread Leonid
is currently testing my LFS patch together with a bunch of their other patches (bug 123524), so we can expect that Fedora Core 3 will have wget with large file support. Leonid

Re: 2 giga file size limit ?

2004-10-04 Thread Leonid
in FC wget-1.9.1-17.src.rpm Leonid

RE: Wget error codes?

2004-10-20 Thread Leonid
will appreciate it. Leonid (just another user)

Windows and 2 GB downloads

2004-11-18 Thread Leonid
Hallo, Joachim, This problem waits for a volunteer with M$-Windows. Try patch This was tested for Unixes. I am not sure that it will run for M$-Windows, but if not, the changes are supposed to be small. Then, please post a windows-patch. Leonid (just

bug while handling big files

2004-12-24 Thread Leonid
Hi, Simone, Santa put a patch for you in Unwrap carefully and enjoy. Merry Christmas, Leonid 24-DEC-2004 21:02:03

Re: wget does not handle sizes over 2GB

2005-01-11 Thread Leonid
of other clients, including curl, is that it works reliably at extremely lousy and unreliable networks. Leonid

Large File Support, and broken CVS on Mac OS X

2005-01-11 Thread Leonid
Greg, A short clarification: My patch is a derivative of Alvaro Lopez Ortega patch I took his patch as a basis and corrected remaining bugs. Leonid

Re: downloading files 2GB

2005-02-02 Thread Leonid
Ulf, Small clarification: for Unixes the large file support is available for a long time at Alternatively, LFS version of wget is known as FC-3 wget-1.9.1-17 For other systems people are working on. I hope... Leonid (just another user)

Re: Back after a while

2005-02-16 Thread Leonid
Steven and Hrvoje, wget-1.9.1 has a function number_to_string which is in fact a home-made equivalent to printf () %ld. In the LFS patch which I submitted I made a sister-routine number_to_string_64 which is equivalent to printf() %llu. Thus, wget does not rely on %ll or %llu. Leonid 16-FEB-2005

Large file support (was: Back after a while)

2005-02-18 Thread Leonid
of this separator. This is for the future... We could replace %ld with %s and a call to something like number_to_string, but which returned a static buffer. Oh, sure. Leonid

Re: string_t breaks compilation under Solaris

2005-02-21 Thread Leonid
different codings for Russian language. It is rather common that either the charset at the remote host or the charset at the local host are set incorrectly. iconv will choke in an attempt to recode strings to UTF-8 and back in such a situation. Leonid

RE: wget return values ?

2005-03-01 Thread Leonid
, permission denied, local filesystem full, no permission to write in local directory, etc, so this may not be as usefull as it seems. Leonid (just another user)

Wget Lib

2005-03-14 Thread Leonid
I love wget, but nevertheless, should acknowledge that in my view wget is not designed to be used as a library. Unless you are willing to make a massive wget update, I suggest you first to look at curl ( ) Leonid

too many users

2005-04-13 Thread Leonid
Andrei, Yes, wget 1.9.1 consideres failure to connect as a fatal error and abandoned to re-try attempts. I have submitted several times a patch for fixing this and similar problems. Presumably, it will be inlcuded in the future wget 1.11 . If yoy need the fix now, you can find it the patch

RE: Removing thousand separators from file size output

2005-06-24 Thread Leonid
specify decimal_separator = , Germans may like more decimal_separator = . Leonid

Re: Limit time to run

2005-12-03 Thread Leonid
before cron will spawn the next wget process, this will really help. Can this argument change your mind? Leonid

Re: Downloading grib files

2006-02-01 Thread Leonid
in incorporating it in the official version. Leonid

Re: Wget and large files: Solution available

2004-07-21 Thread Leonid Petrov
:// Leonid

compressed html files?

2004-09-24 Thread Leonid Petrov
Juhana, Looks like wget ignores header record Content-Encoding. At least I did not find any traces of attempts to parse it in source code. What can be done? I think it is a good requested feature. You are welcome to implement it and submit a patch to [EMAIL PROTECTED]