[Wikimania-l] How long is the registration open?

2010-07-07 Thread Ravishankar
Hi, My Visa is getting delayed. I hope to make it by saturday afternoon when my talk is scheduled. How long is the registration for the conference and accommodation open? Thanks, Ravi ___ Wikimania-l mailing list Wikimania-l@lists.wikimedia.org

[Wikimania-l] Can I remotely present my session?

2010-07-09 Thread Ravishankar
Hi I am unable to attend Wikimania due to visa delay. I have a talk scheduled on saturday afternoon. http://wikimania2010.wikimedia.org/wiki/Schedule#Translation A Review on Google Translation: ... 1. Can I do my talk remotely? (Skype, phone conference?) 2. Or may be I can send a PPT along