[Wikimedia-l] Another financial crisis effect

2012-06-22 Thread emijrp

Emilio J. Rodríguez-Posada. E-mail: emijrp AT gmail DOT com
Pre-doctoral student at the University of Cádiz (Spain)
Projects: AVBOT http://code.google.com/p/avbot/ |
| WikiEvidens http://code.google.com/p/wikievidens/ |
| WikiTeam http://code.google.com/p/wikiteam/
Personal website: https://sites.google.com/site/emijrp/
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Re: [Wikimedia-l] Wikidata opinion piece in The Atlantic

2012-06-22 Thread Kim Bruning
On Tue, Apr 10, 2012 at 04:46:50PM -0700, En Pine wrote:
 Here's an opinion piece, The Problem with Wikidata, by Mark Graham, who 
 is a Research Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute, which appears on 
 The Atlantic's website. I'm not personally supporting or opposing his views 
 but I found this to be an interesting read. 

From reading, it looks like the wikidata team has this at least partially 
We're making plenty of positive progress, but we do have to
keep our eyes open for (potential) pernicious potholes in the road.

If someone shouts look out, we should definitely stop and look, just to be
sure. ;-)

Kim Bruning

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[Wikimedia-l] Wikipedia in education - for the young and the young at heart

2012-06-22 Thread Elly Koepf
Dear all,
Dear activists for free knowledge in education,

since we are new to this list:  first a Hello to all of you!

Throughout the last years Wikimedia Deutschland has gained a lot of
experience in the educational field. Working in this sector, we had a lot
of different programs and activities running quite separated and isolated.
In the last year we collected this know-how and combined  these efforts.
Coming from this idea of separated programs, our perspective is now, to
follow a wider approach in education and to overcome the very specialized
approach we have followed before. This step was helpful for the development
of all running programs and the effective distribution of needed resources
in education at Wikimedia Deutschland (until the end of 2011, these were
highschool teachers/students, elderly people and universities).  It makes
our work more efficient leveraging all synergies and helped us to be
accessable not only for special target groups but for all people!

We are only following this approach for a few months and many things are
new to us, but we are sure that other chapters and Wikipedians also have
similar success-stories to share in education. It would be very helpful to
exchange ideas and approaches between different partners in the wikimedia
movement active in the educational sector and get feedback to ideas
concerning educational activities.

A good opportunity to meet is the Wikimania 2012 in Washington.
Here we will offer a meeting table on Thursday July 12th called “Wikipedia
in education” where we can get together. See more and sign in

If you are not able to join this year’s Wikimania we are open to hear
feedback from you and to discuss questions and ideas. Let’s collaborate in
the educational global wikimedia movement!
We are looking forward to meeting some of you soon to share our knowledge.


Elly Köpf and Denis Barthel
(and sorry for crossposting)

i.A. Elly Köpf

Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. | Obentrautstraße 72 | 10963 Berlin
Tel. (030) 219 158 260


Stellen Sie sich eine Welt vor, in der jeder Mensch freien Zugang zu der
Gesamtheit des Wissens der Menschheit hat. Helfen Sie uns dabei!

Helfen Sie mit, dass WIKIPEDIA von der UNESCO als erstes digitales
Weltkulturerbe anerkannt wird. Unterzeichnen Sie die Online-Petition:

Wikimedia Deutschland - Gesellschaft zur Förderung Freien Wissens e.V.
Eingetragen im Vereinsregister des Amtsgerichts Berlin-Charlottenburg unter
der Nummer 23855 B. Als gemeinnützig anerkannt durch das Finanzamt für
Körperschaften I Berlin, Steuernummer 27/681/51985.
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[Wikimedia-l] GLAM-WIKI 2012 - registration now open!

2012-06-22 Thread Andrew Gray
Dear all,

I am pleased to announce that registration is now open for the
GLAM-WIKI 2012 conference, to be held at the British Library in London
on 14th - 16th September 2012.

The conference will feature two days of presentations and workshops,
with the Friday focused on the work Wikimedia and similar
organisations have done in partnership with cultural institutions,
presenting case studies and discussing the benefits to both parties.
The Saturday will be oriented more towards the practical and technical
side, looking at ways to work together and running workshops to share
best practice.

The third day, Sunday 16th, will be an unconference day, with the
focus and agenda determined by the attendees on the day.

We are currently taking proposals for talks, workshops and panel
sessions, on three broad themes:

* Open content in the GLAM sector
* Developing sustainable partnerships
* New models and future projects

The call for papers will close on 23rd July, and the schedule will be
announced on 30th July.

Registration is now open at: http://glamwiki2012.eventbrite.co.uk/ and
accomodation details will be released at a later date when hotel
arrangements are confirmed.

More details, and the call for papers, are at

If you have any questions, please contact g...@wikimedia.org.uk

- Andrew Gray

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Re: [Wikimedia-l] Who invoked principle of least surprise for the image filter?

2012-06-22 Thread Jussi-Ville Heiskanen
The core problem here is that the Board is not alive and well.
The Board of Trustees is dead in their shoes. What precisely
are they *Trustees* of?

Jussi-Ville Heiskanen, ~ [[User:Cimon Avaro]]

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