Re: [Wikimedia-l] Experimenting on Wikimedians

2014-11-19 Thread David Gerard
On 19 November 2014 11:36, Federico Leva (Nemo) wrote:
 Chris Keating, 02/11/2014 10:52:

 The increase in efficiency through the banner campaign has been truly

 Are you able to provide data for any of these claims?

If you take a moment to do the obvious thing and look on Meta,
specifically at the obvious page ([[Fundraising]]), you'll see links
to that exact thing.

Seriously, were you claiming Chris was lying? Were you seriously
asserting you didn't think such data existed? They've been rigorously
A/B testing the banners for the past several years.

- d.

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[Wikimedia-l] VisualEditor office hour for November and January

2014-11-19 Thread Erica Litrenta
Hi everybody,
and apologies for cross-posting.
This is a reminder that the VE office hour for this month is happening *today
in a few hours, at 1600 UTC* [0].

James Forrester will be available to answer any questions about recent
improvements and to provide details about ongoing and planned work. It is
also a pleasant occasion to share your experience; the team always looks
forward to hearing from you.

I'd also like to inform you that we are not going to have an office hour
next month, so the next appointment to discuss VE is in *January, Wednesday
7th at  2200 UTC* [1].

Previous logs and other information, including how to participate, can be
found at Meta [2].

Hope to see you in #wikimedia-office in a while.
Elitre (WMF)


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[Wikimedia-l] Fwd: [Kiwix-developer] [KIWIX][GUTENBERG] 50.000 public domain books available to everybody, everywhere, offline

2014-11-19 Thread rupert THURNER
Allow me to crosspost this...
-- Forwarded message --
From: Emmanuel Engelhart
Date: Nov 19, 2014 1:18 PM
Subject: [Kiwix-developer] [KIWIX][GUTENBERG] 50.000 public domain books
available to everybody, everywhere, offline
To: Using Wikimedia projects and MediaWiki offline,,


The Kiwix team is happy to release the whole Project Gutenberg
( library in a ZIM format:
We also provide a few language specific versions here

This file is dedicated to an offline usage (no connection to Internet)
and it readable with Kiwix ( This allows anybody
with a computer or a smartphone to own his own copy of this 50.000 books
big library. You can also make it available for read to other people on
your network, they only need a web browser.

In this ZIM file, you will find all the books available in HTML
(directly readable), but also in EPUB (and time to time in PDF). We have
created a custom user interface which is really simple to use: in a few
clicks you can find your book, read it or download it. What is also
unique is that Kiwix proposes a fulltext search engine over all books
content. You can see by yourself using this demonstration web site:

Most of the work was done during a week long hackathon in Lyon, France
by four Kiwix volunteer developers. This hackathon was funded by the
Fondation Orange with the administrative help of Framasoft and Wikimedia
CH. The Fondation Orange is the first beneficiary of this work and use
it already for its own deployments in Africa.

The solution to build this ZIM file is 100% free software and is
available here This solution allows
to release easily new up2date versions. This is not a one shot project
and we will release periodically new version of this offline version of
the Project Gutenberg.

We also plan to use this code base to aggregate other online PD/free
books libraries. Wikisource is one of the first we would love to add,
this might be done pretty easily as soon as an OPDS feed is available.

We hope to see this work deployed by other third part organisation which
are on place where Internet is not available, expensive or censored. We
also need more developer (mostly Python) workforce for the next steps, a
hackathon with this purpose will hopefully be organised in 2015 (sponsor
needed). Last but not least: users, please report any problem here:

Kiwix - Wikipedia Offline  more
* Web:
* Twitter:
* more:

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from Actuate! Instantly Supercharge Your Business Reports and Dashboards
with Interactivity, Sharing, Native Excel Exports, App Integration  more
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Kiwix-developer mailing list
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[Wikimedia-l] IMF data free of charge, license?

2014-11-19 Thread rupert THURNER
Christine Lagarde tweets that IMF Data will be free of charge next year.
Anybody knows about the license?
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[Wikimedia-l] Founding event in the federal parliament of Belgium - today

2014-11-19 Thread Romaine Wiki
Hello all,

We had a great founding event in the drawing rooms of the president of the
Belgian Chamber of Representatives.

A good step also has been taken for getting Freedom of Panorama in Belgium!

The Chamber of Representatives also Twitters, and did send this tweet
On the photo the President of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives and 6
of 7 board members of Wikimedia Belgium

And be aware, Belgium hosts the European Commission and the European
Parliament as well largely, we like to think beyond the borders of language
and country and like to work together and engage with other organisations
and people inside and outside Belgium.

You want to help us?
The difficulty of Belgium is that we have multiple official languages. To
move forward, we will need help in getting short and longer texts,
translated and improved, in multiple languages. So if you want to help to
translate or improve some text for us in English, French, German or Dutch,
let us know!

You got interested?

Membership of Wikimedia Belgium is open to anyone, also for you!

Follow us on Twitter:

Join our mailinglist to stay informed:

Next events in Belgium:
* 26 November in Brussels: prize giving ceremony Wiki Loves Monuments
* 24 January in Brussels: general assembly
  The first general assembly will be organized on 24 January 2015. More
information will follow later.

You want to contact us, see:

Wikimedia Belgium has arrived!

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[Wikimedia-l] Agenda Board Meeting November 21, 2014

2014-11-19 Thread Patricio Lorente
Hi Wikimedians!

The Wikimedia Board of Trustees will have a board meeting on November 21 at
the Wikimedia Foundation office. This meeting has the following agenda:

== November 21, 2014 ==
* Welcome and Introduction
* Updates from Board Committees
* Update on the Board Candidate Search
* Housekeeping: Review of Updates to the Board Handbook
* Operational Updates from Staff
* Executive Update from Fundraising
* Legal Presentation

If you have additional comments or questions please feel free to leave a
message on the Board noticeboard:

Patricio Lorente
Vice Chair
Wikimedia Board of Trustees
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[Wikimedia-l] Upcoming Office Hours for Structured Data on Commons proposal

2014-11-19 Thread Keegan Peterzell
Greetings all,

My apologies for cross-posting lists. I would like to invite everyone
interested in the proposal for Structured Data on Wikimedia Commons[1] to
join our third Office Hours today, 20 November, from 19:30 to 20:30 UTC[2
for time conversion]. The conversation is free to join on IRC using
freenode[3] in #wikimedia-office.

Discussion will continue about the different possible data structures, very
early development work, and touch base on some work that was done during a
small hackathon in Amsterdam[4] working with structured data and GLAM. As
always, other questions and discussion about the topic are always welcome.

I look forward to seeing you there!


Keegan Peterzell
Community Liaison, Product
Wikimedia Foundation
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