[Wikimedia-l] Announcing new 'Data Portability' project

2018-11-07 Thread Joe Matazzoni
The Wikimedia Foundation 2018-19 Annual Plan includes the goal Managing Personal Data [1], which aims, among other things, to give users control over their personal data. A sub-portion of that overall goal, “Data Portability,” lays out two specific, user-facing objectives: to enable users to

[Wikimedia-l] Wikimedia-l diversity and level of participation

2018-11-07 Thread Pine W
Hello Wikimedia-l, One subject that continues to be a source of concern for me is that I'd like to have a greater quantity and greater diversity of participants on Wikimedia-l. I have heard that some people feel that their English skills are not good enough to participate here, and I don't know

Re: [Wikimedia-l] Wikimedia Summit 2019: Registration now open

2018-11-07 Thread Paulo Santos Perneta
It is very sad that, despite Wikimedia Portugal currently having everything up to date, being a very active and thriving chapter, being the only remaining Portuguese-speaking Wikimedia organization in the whole Wikimedia movement, also acting as a facilitator to all the Wikimedia communities all