Re: [Wikimedia-l] Creative Commons 4.0 draft--please help answer questions about attribution!

2012-05-11 Thread Kat Walsh
As has been posted here before, CC is working on version 4.0 of their
licenses--in case you haven't seen it, the public draft is up in
several different formats at

Right now their focus is on attribution, and they are asking several
specific questions about things to change in the new version.
(A few of the open questions: Is there too much flexibility in
reasonable manner? Or not enough? Is there any information people
should be required to provide that they aren't providing? Should you
be able to use a shortcut by just providing a link, and if so, what
should you have to include?)

The questions and space for comment is on the CC wiki here:

(Ultimately, we hope to be able to use the 4.0 license version as the
default license version for Wikimedia projects--either BY-SA or BY,
depending on which project you are using. Several Wikimedians are
already participating in these discussions, as well as the legal staff
and myself, but your input on things that have and haven't worked well
in 3.0 would really help the process, especially if you have good

I will be posting this message around to some of the wikis as well,
but please pass this message around where it is relevant, especially
if you are active on non-English projects!


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Re: [Wikimedia-l] No internet censorship in Hong Kong

2012-05-11 Thread Deryck Chan
Not a problem. Many east and south-east Asian countries' citizens enjoy
visa-free access to Hong Kong ( ).

Visa-on-demand for business or leisure travel is also available for
residents of most major cities in mainland China and all of Guangdong
province (the province surrounding Hong Kong). Application needs to be done
prior to travel, but rejections of such visa is unheard of in the last few
years. I have relatives from Guangzhou who visit Hong Kong regularly on
these visas and they've never had a problem :)

That said, more complex procedures are needed for people from rural areas
of mainland China to visit Hong Kong. With our working partnerships in the
Meeting and Exhibition Office in the government, we endeavour to ensure
that every registered attendee of Wikimania 2013 gets the visa assistance
they need.

There are special visa for residents of Taiwan to visit Hong Kong. Other
than a few extraordinary cases involving high-profile controversial
politicians, rejection of such visa is also unheard of.


On 11 May 2012 22:53, Katie Chan wrote:

 On 11/05/2012 21:16, Kim Bruning wrote:

  Right. My concern about Israel was that almost no one from the
 surrounding area would be
 able to visit.  (This turned out to be accurate, but it was too late to

 Will many people from surrounding countries be able to visit .hk without
 problems? If so,
 that should be ok then.

 That and I'm looking forward to visiting a place with sane border customs
 practices for a
 change ;-)

 While pretty much every countries from Europe, NS America  Australasia
 are visa free according to the bid page, a lot of Asian and Middle Eastern
 countries would require visa. Even those places from where visa would be
 required, they should be okay I believe. Ironically, the only exception to
 that is if the person is from mainland China (PRC).


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