[Wikimedia-l] Recognition of Wikimedia Community User Group Botswana

2017-12-14 Thread Kirill Lokshin
Hi everyone! I'm very happy to announce that the Affiliations Committee has recognized Wikimedia Community User Group Botswana [1] as a Wikimedia User Group. The group aims to promote the use of Wikipedia and its sister projects by the residents of Botswana, effectively engaging people to help

[Wikimedia-l] Wikistats gets a facelift - Alpha Launch of Wikistats 2

2017-12-14 Thread Nuria Ruiz
Hello from Analytics Team! We are happy to announce the Alpha release of Wikistats 2. Wikistats has been redesigned for architectural simplicity, faster data processing, and a more dynamic and interactive user experience. First goal is to match the numbers of the current system, and to provide

Re: [Wikimedia-l] Wikim├ędia France new Board members

2017-12-14 Thread Katherine Maher
Congratulations, not only to the new (and re-elected) members of the CA, but to all of WMFR. It is wonderful to see that the organization now has a full complement of committed board members, ready to take on the work ahead. Yours, Katherine On Tue, Dec 12, 2017 at 3:48 AM, Nadine Le Lirzin