Re: [Wikimedia-l] Status of Wikipedia Zero

2018-07-05 Thread Chico Venancio
I had similar contacts from Angolan users in Facebook. WMF previously
stated it would not renew ongoing agreements for Wikipedia Zero, it seems
the agreements with Angolan providers have expired recently. It would
indeed be nice to have a more detailed timetable of when each agreement
will expire for this program.

Best regards,

Chico Venancio

2018-06-30 14:35 GMT-03:00 Lucas Teles :

> Hello.
> On Portuguese Wikipedia Facebook page, I am receiving lots of messages
> asking if Wikipedia Zero is over. One of them stated that they were told by
> the internet service provider that WMF has cancelled the program.
> Do we have any official statement about it? I learnt that WZ would end this
> year, but I am looking for any accurate information in order to reply to
> the messages. Is it over for all the providers and countries? Is there
> something se should tell to the affected users?
> Thanks!
> Teles
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Re: [Wikimedia-l] [Wikidata] Solve legal uncertainty of Wikidata

2018-07-05 Thread Yann Forget

2018-07-04 12:50 GMT+02:00 Maarten Dammers :

> Hi Mathieu,

> So I see you started forum shopping (trying to get the Wikimedia-l people
> in) and making contentious trying to be funny remarks. That's usually a
> good indication a thread is going nowhere.
> No, Wikidata is not going to change the CC0. You seem to be the only
> person wanting that and trying to discredit Wikidata will not help you in
> your crusade. I suggest the people who are still interested in this to go
> to and make useful comments
> over there.

I concur totally with analysis.


Yann Forget
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