Re: [Wikimedia-l] Strategic planning for conferences

2018-11-05 Thread Marti Johnson
Hi Pine,

The Program Officer for Conference Grants does serve as a single point of
contact for conference funding at the Wikimedia Foundation.  However, that
position has been open for last several months and we've been undergoing a
hiring process to fill it.

I'm copying in Alex Wang, who oversees that position so she can respond to
your questions.

Kind regards,


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On Sun, Nov 4, 2018 at 10:16 PM Pine W  wrote:

> Hi Ad,Thanks for pointing out that open position. I am glad that WMF seems
> to agree that at least some of these questions are worth asking and that
> WMF is willing to dedicate staff time for this purpose.This is not a job
> that I am seeking. I have too many disagreements and have had too many
> disappointing experiences with WMF to want to work for them in a staff
> role. Maybe that will change someday. I am already in the difficult
> position of wanting work to get done by staff and/or potential grantees (I
> include myself in the latter category) when I distrust WMF, and becoming an
> employee myself is unlikely to be something that I would agree to do. Some
> things and people are not for sale.I don't know what your qualifications
> for the job are, so I would feel uncomfortable saying one way or another
> whether I think that you are a good candidate. If you want to apply for it
> then I wish you good luck.Regards,Pine(
> )
>  Original message From: Ad Huikeshoven <
>> Date: 11/4/18  12:11 PM  (GMT-08:00) To:
> Wikimedia Mailing List  Subject: Re:
> [Wikimedia-l] Strategic planning for conferences hello Pine,Did you have a
> look at the events team manager job description? It is anopen position, so
> there is currently nobody at the wmf to answer yourquestion. For me the
> concept of 'event' is broader than the range ofconferences you described.
> Would you consider yourself as a candidate forthe position. Wpuld you
> consider me?greetings,AdOp zo 4 nov. 2018 20:58 schreef Pine W <
>> Hello,>> My request from September has gone
> unanswered, so I am trying again. I> don't think that there is a single
> point of contact for conference funding> and strategy at WMF, but I think
> that there should be, and perhaps the lack> of such a person is why there
> hasn't been a response to this email. I don't> know who I should ping but
> I'm hoping that Katy can provide at least a> partial response, or direct
> this email to someone who can do so.>> Thanks,>> Pine> (
> )>>> On Sat, Sep 29, 2018 at
> 5:55 PM Pine W  wrote:>> > Mindful of the ongoing
> discussions about conferences, I think that it> > would be helpful to have
> a big picture understanding of the goals, plans,> > and budgets for
> conferences collectively.> >> > As far as I know, these are the types of
> recurring conferences:> >> > (1) Wikimania, which seems to be a
> multi-purpose international> conference,> > with somewhat open admission if
> someone can afford to attend, is willing> to> > attend, and can get the
> necessary legal permissions;> >> > (2) the Wikimedia Summit (which I hope
> will get a name change to reflect> > its actual scope, because it's not an
> all-Wikimedia summit) which will> > focus on WMF, WMF committees that work
> with WMF affiliate organizations,> > and WMF affiliate organizations;> >> >
> (3) thematic conferences, such as the Wikisource Conference;> >> > (4)
> regional conferences, such as WikiConference North America;> >> > (5)
> organization-specific meetings of various kinds, including affiliate> >
> organizations' annual general meetings and WMF All Hands, and> >> > (6) the
> Wikimedia Technical Conference.> >> > I believe that WMF intended to do
> some strategic planning for the> > collection of conferences as a part of
> the larger WMF-led strategic> > planning process. Is this type of planning
> underway for conferences, and> if> > so can we get an update from someone
> who is familiar with the situation?> If> > the person who will respond is a
> paid staff member, then please feel free> > to wait to respond until a
> convenient workday next week. In the meantime,> > other people may wish to
> comment or ask questions.> >> > Thanks!> >> > Pine> > (
> )> >>
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Re: [Wikimedia-l] fallout from 2018 Wikimedian of the Year announcement

2018-11-05 Thread Фархад Фаткуллин / Farkhad Fatkullin
Dear colleagues,

Below is my October activities report & description of upcoming events 

1) On Oct.13-14 at 
we presented some of the things we are doing in Russia (FYI: without any WMF 
grants). See details at

2) On Oct.20 I had a two hour long meeting with the Deputy head of Tatarstan 
Presidential Adiministration responsible for internal policy
 who officially invited me to engage Wikimedia Russia and other Wikimedia 
movement volunteers to develop "Smart wiki-region" roadmap for regional 
authorities throughout the Russian Federation to start learning about the 
Wikimedia movement and understanding how partnering therewith could be of 
mutual interests. This was a follow up of the Oct.1 meeting with Mintimer 
Shaimiev, but 
mainly around my last year's musings I finally finished translating into 
English today @

3) On Oct.23 We have started growing the project on WMRU-wiki atУмный_регион (currently in Russian only), using 
also eponymous thread at [wikimedia-ru] mailing list (last message ). 

4) In mid-November we are expecting to have a presentation of the project and 
our domestic experience  at the 
large meeting called on by the ex-President of Tatarstan, State Councillor to 
the Republic, UNESCO Special envoy for Intercultural Dialogue Mintimer Shaimiev - with invitation of 
* First Deputy Head of the Tatarstan Presidential Administration 
* a large body of regional ministers 
** Tatar community affairs
** Education and science
** ICT
** Culture
** Youth affairs
* head of regional media holding
* head of the Institute of Tatar encyclopedia 
* head of the House of Friendship of Nations of Tatarstan

5) Tomorrow morning I will be meeting with the Vice-Primier - Minister for the 
ICT for preliminary 
discussions, then my high-school senior TimerkhanКулланучы:Тимерхан  will assist him the next day 
at the preparatory meeting with  

6) I didn't yet have time to think in detail about the potential schedule or 
invited participants of the first public Wiki-seminar in Tatarstan, meant to 
expose locals to the Wikimedia movement and its best practices even if only via 
the video-conference (which I mentioned in the previous update), because I am 
doing this in between of my rather demanding work and some limited family life. 
The topic will most likely surface among other things tomorrow.


Farkhad Fatkullin - Фархад Фаткуллин Тел.+79274158066 / 
skype:frhdkazan / Wikipedia:frhdkazan

04.10.2018, 08:32, "Pine W" :
> Hi Farhad,
> I'm very impressed with your successes so far.
> My main concern is how much of this you seem to be doing by yourself. I
> hope that you have a group of people who are collaborating with you so that
> you don't feel responsible for doing everything personally, and that you
> aren't putting yourself into personal financial difficulty due to the
> amount of time that you're spending on Wikimedia activities.
> Regarding which people would be good to invite to a conference, I think
> that GLAM and educational organizations would be natural partners so I
> suggest starting with them.
> WMF might be willing to provide you with some advice and/or funding for
> GLAM or education related work if you request it, although the wait times
> for WMF "Rapid Grants" funding seem to have become lengthy, so I suggest
> that if you want funding from that program that you should request it at
> least two full months in advance and not rely on receiving it in time for
> any particular deadline.
> I'm glad to hear that you're participating in Wikimedia CEE and I hope that
> the affiliates in that group can provide you with good advice.
> Best wishes,
> Pine
> ( )
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