[Wikimedia-l] Research + Chapters, User Groups, Affiliates at Wikimania

2019-07-30 Thread Leila Zia
Hi all, My apologies for posting this message here as I don't know of a better place to reach out to many chapters, user groups and affiliates at once. This message is for these groups [0] and in case their representatives will be attending Wikimania 2019. --- One of the empowering aspects

[Wikimedia-l] Announcement from the Board of Wikimedia Belgium (WMBE)

2019-07-30 Thread Geert Van Pamel
Romaine has decided to step down as Board member of Wikimedia Belgium (WMBE). Following an international escalating conflict and an unauthorized email, he has been feeling stressed and prefers to live in a safe environment, and give priority to his own health. [1]   It is important to provide a