Re: [Wikimedia-l] Resolution about the upcoming Board elections

2021-04-23 Thread Luis Villa
This looks like a very thoughtful start on a very thorny problem, well done.

Given that we’re trying to diversify the board, and that Jimmy has recently
criticized FSF for having lifetime board appointments for founders,* I was
surprised not to see any mention in this document of sunsetting Jimmy’s
founder seat. Making him a peer of the rest of the board, subject to the
same terms, selection process, and requalification standards, rather than a
first-among-equals, would potentially free up an additional seat to improve
global board diversity and definitely be consistent with general best
practices for non-profit governance.

Has the board discussed that?


P.S. the links on the last page of
are broken.

* well, he criticized them for _secretive_ board appointments, but from a
governance perspective a lifetime founder seat is problematic regardless of
whether it is secret/defacto (FSF) or public/de jure (WMF).

On Wed, Apr 21, 2021 at 1:45 PM Jackie Koerner 

> Hi all,
> The Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees met last week to decide on a
> plan for the 2021 Board elections. The Board Governance Committee created
> this proposal, based on the Call for Feedback about Community Board
> Seats.[1] Please check the related announcement for details.[2]
> The Board wants to thank the more than 800 volunteers that participated in
> the Call for Feedback in one way or another.[3] There were almost a hundred
> conversations in multiple languages and in multiple regions. There was
> additional discussion on Meta, Telegram, and other channels used by local
> communities. Three new ideas were presented by volunteers during the Call.
> It has been very difficult to decide on every open question considering the
> quantity and diversity of opinions received. We hope this resolution feels
> sensible to everybody.
> In the upcoming days, the Board elections facilitation team will share
> their ideas to support candidates and voters. Let's work together on
> elections with high and very diverse participation!
> [1] Call for Feedback Community Board Seats
> [2] Announcement of Board Governance Committee proposal
> [3] Call for Feedback Community Board seats metrics
> --
> *Jackie Koerner*
> *she/her*
> Board Governance Facilitator
> *English language and Meta-Wiki*
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[Wikimedia-l] Wikimedia LGBT+ Queering Wikipedia Working Days [14-16 May]

2021-04-23 Thread
Call out to all Queer or LGBT+ Wikimedians!

Registration for the free 3 half-days WM-LGBT+ event in May is open
now, but you need to register early. Jump to

This is our first 100% LGBT+ global virtual event. The focus is
community workshops and developing the global user group rather than
presentations, with the challenge that while supporting anonymous
members, our user group can:
* hold elections, document votes
* better support queer Wikimedia contributors
* be a credible representative for LGBTQ+ folx in all our Wikimedia communities

Outcomes include:
* formalizing our representation of LGBTQ+ interests in the UCoC
implementation and WMF strategy
* setting expectations for 2022 Queering Wikipedia conference which
will be both virtual and in-person

There are plans for multilingual support and funding is available for
folx that need to pay for better bandwidth, or have related expenses
to enable joining in. Please ask about support when you email in your

Please retweet our notice :-D

Wikimedia LGBT+

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