Re: [Wikimedia-l] Swedish Wikipedia reach 1 million (with support of bots)

2013-06-17 Thread Dimce Grozdanoski

On 17.06.2013 12:36, Nikola Smolenski wrote:

On 16/06/13 15:24, Johan J├Ânsson wrote:

2013/6/16 Ilario Valdelli
I think that Anders is saying that the result of Wikimedia Swedish 
is due

to a work of bots and to a work of people.

It means that this result is contrary to the WMF strategy which 
would have

more people and more contributors.

The next millions of articles will be reached by Polish Wikipedia 
but also

by cebuan Wikipedia and by Warai-Warai Wikipedia.

May be it's the time to have only bots to write in Wikipedia? I hope 

in future the number of articles will be counted considering at least a
small content ad not only a template in a page, because the use like 

will discourage the communities of editors.

I would say our experience is that it doesn't affect the number of human
editors at all in any way. A couple of people run bots that create very
short articles about taxons or other stuff that, to be honest, probably
wouldn't have been created otherwise. These articles have very few 

Why on Earth would this discourage us?

Our main problem is that browsing Swedish Wikipedia using the random
article button isn't as fun as it used to be. That's probably fixable.

I am again using the opportunity to remind that all of this will soon 
be completely unnecessary since it should be possible to generate the 
articles on the fly from Wikidata data.

you mean to generate on the fly only articles of this kind, not any article.

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Re: [Wikimedia-l] Recognition of Wikimedia Armenia

2013-03-28 Thread Dimce Grozdanoski

Welcome, Wikimedia Armenia.
Congratulations from Wikimedia Macedonia :)

Dimce Grozdanoski
twitter: @grozdanoski
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On 27.03.2013 21:26, Bence Damokos wrote:

Dear all,

I am happy to announce that the the WMF Board of Trustees have resolved to
recognize Wikimedia Armenia as the newest Wikimedia chapter:

This group has  already put a lot of effort into promoting Wikipedia and
the other projects in Armenia on their road to recognition and I am really
looking forward to hearing of their future endeavours.

Please give a warm welcome to Wikimedia Armenia!

Best regards,
(Affiliations Committee)
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