Re: [Wikimedia-l] [Cloud] [Cloud-announce] New Wikireplicas available, timeline update, and Quarry migration

2021-03-13 Thread Maarten Dammers

Hi Joaquin,

Completely nothing was done with the community input about not being 
able to do cross wiki joins anymore [1]. In the past the WMF would do 
something with community input. I guess the new strategy is to just give 
the appearance of community input to legitimize a decision. Nice way to 
alienate the volunteers.



On 12-03-2021 19:16, Joaquin Oltra Hernandez wrote:

- Instead of `*.db.svc.eqiad.wmflabs` use `*` 
to use the new replicas

- Quarry will migrate March 23 to use the new cluster
- In a ~month (April 15) the old cluster will start retiring. See 
for more details

Hi everyone,

I'm happy to announce that the new replicas cluster is available for 
use after a few weeks open for testing.

To use the new cluster, you will only need to change the hostname when 
connecting to the databases. Instead of `*.db.svc.eqiad.wmflabs` you 
can use `*`. See:



This brings us to the timeline updates:

- March 2021
  - Announce new cluster domains for all users - March 12
  - Migrate Quarry to use the new cluster - March 23
- April 2021
  - PAWS migration - Estimated first week of April
  - Migrate the old cluster to utilize new replication hosts. 
Replication may stop. - April 15

  - Redirect old hostnames to the new cluster - April 28

Quarry is ready so it will transition first to use the new replicas. 
This will happen on March 23, at which point we will deploy the 
changes and update the docs. We are publishing a note on Tech news but 
if there are other venues where this information would be useful 
please help us spread the word.

PAWS is in the process of being migrated. We estimate it could be 
ready to use the new cluster at the beginning of April, and will 
publish more details as soon as we know.

On April 15 the old cluster will be moved under the new replication 
hosts, at which point there may be side effects and replication may stop.
We recommend you update your code earlier to use the new hostnames to 
verify things are working normally.

Not long after, the old hostnames (`*.db.svc.eqiad.wmflabs`) will be 
redirected to the new ones (`*`), at which 
point the old cluster will effectively be inaccessible.

If you have questions or need help please reply to , join the 
#wikimedia-cloud IRC channel, or open a ticket in Phabricator with 
the Data-Services tag.


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[Wikimedia-l] Fwd: Re: [Wikitech-l] CI and Code Review

2020-07-08 Thread Maarten Dammers
Of interest to the wider community. I really hope this is not part of a 
larger pattern of the WMF ignoring community.


 Forwarded Message 
Subject:Re: [Wikitech-l] CI and Code Review
Date:   Wed, 8 Jul 2020 22:40:38 +0200
From:   Maarten Dammers 
Reply-To: 	For developers discussing technical aspects and organization 
of Wikimedia projects 


Hi Greg,

On 06-07-2020 19:39, Greg Grossmeier wrote:

First, apologies for not announcing this last week. A short work week
coupled with a new fiscal year delayed this until today.

tl;dr: Wikimedia will be moving to a self-hosted (in our datacenter(s))
GitLab Community Edition (CE) installation for both code review and
continuous integration (CI).

tl;dr: WMF decides to do a major change without any community 
consultation. Community members are upset.

More at


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Re: [Wikimedia-l] [Wikidata] Solve legal uncertainty of Wikidata

2018-07-04 Thread Maarten Dammers

Hi Mathieu,

On 04-07-18 11:07, mathieu stumpf guntz wrote:


Le 19/05/2018 à 03:35, Denny Vrandečić a écrit :

Regarding attribution, commonly it is assumed that you have to 
respect it transitively. That is one of the reasons a license that 
requires BY sucks so hard for data: unlike with text, the attribution 
requirements grow very quickly. It is the same as with modified 
images and collages: it is not sufficient to attribute the last 
author, but all contributors have to be attributed.
If we want our data to be trustable, then we need traceability. That 
is reporting this chain of sources as extensively as possible, 
whatever the license require or not as attribution. CC-0 allow to 
break this traceability, which make an aweful license to whoever is 
concerned with obtaining reliable data.

A license is not the way to achieve this. We have references for that.

This is why I think that whoever wants to be part of a large 
federation of data on the web, should publish under CC0.
As long as one aim at making a federation of untrustable data banks, 
that's perfect. ;)
So I see you started forum shopping (trying to get the Wikimedia-l 
people in) and making contentious trying to be funny remarks. That's 
usually a good indication a thread is going nowhere.

No, Wikidata is not going to change the CC0. You seem to be the only 
person wanting that and trying to discredit Wikidata will not help you 
in your crusade. I suggest the people who are still interested in this 
to go to and make useful 
comments over there.


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[Wikimedia-l] Cluster ban on most Wikimedia IRC channels on Freenode

2016-10-01 Thread Maarten Dammers


Today a ban was set on #wikimedia-bans that bans any user who is not 
authenticated to the nickserv from joining a channel ( 
[BanList:#wikimedia-bans] $~a set by AlexZ on 10/01/16 09:19 AM ). 
#wikimedia-bans is inherited by most Wikimedia channels so a lot of 
people get banned messages. I tried poking the people mentioned at , but none of them 
seem to be online. Can anyone help out here and fix this? Any idea why 
we would have a ban like that in the first place? That's like blocking 
logged out users from editing our projects.


Ps. The work around is /mode # -b $j:#wikimedia-bans

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Re: [Wikimedia-l] [Wikimedia Announcements] [Chapters] New board of Wikimedia DC

2015-12-09 Thread Maarten Dammers

Hi James,

Good luck to the new board!

Op 7-12-2015 om 23:38 schreef Siska Doviana:

Any photos? :D
Why are people sending this to the announce list and why isn't the 
announce list properly moderated?


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Re: [Wikimedia-l] [Wiki Loves Monuments] Wiki Loves Monuments in Italy largely blocked by WMF fundraising

2015-08-18 Thread Maarten Dammers

Hi Romaine,

Sad to hear this. I remember running in the same situation a couple of 
years ago (2013) when a really prominent new privacy policy banner was 
put up for everyone with a high percentage for most of the month [1]. 
Back than I contacted the people at the WMF responsible for that. I got 
some very polite replies that can be summed up as our project is more 
important than yours. The WMF owns the sites so if they feel like they 
want to put up banners that conflict with WLM, they can just do that and 
there is nothing we can do about that (besides complaining on mailing 



Romaine Wiki schreef op 18-8-2015 om 20:42:

Hi all,

Sad news.
The title of this thread seems a bit hard, but that is practically the 
situation as it looks now.

Wiki Loves Monuments is the yearly photo contest since 2010, organised 
by many local Wikipedia communities and local chapters. For this 
contest a banner is shown on top of Wikipedia pages in the specific 
countries to attract attention from the public to participate in 
enriching Wikipedia with photos of the local cultural heritage.

Wiki Loves Monuments depends for at least 99% on the banner. When 
there is no banner, the uploads and results drop dramatically, as 
possible participants are not informed and can't easily find the 
contest site. Also participants need time to go on location to take 
photos and see the banner above Wikipedia afterwards to find their way 

*What is the situation?
* The fundraising team plans to have a fundraising banner in Italy 
during the month September.
* The local team of Wiki Loves Monuments in Italy is organising the 
contest in Italy and needs a banner as well.

As there can be shown only one banner at the time, there have been 
talks about these conflicting banners. Result: Wiki Loves Monuments 
get only 37,5% of the time, the fundraising banner 62,5% of the time.

Now you maybe think that 37,5% of the time is still large, but the 
appearances are deceptive because of the different ways the banner is 
used, and because the differences in numbers of upload throughout the 
month September. Also the banner is not shown at all during two full 
weeks, important weeks to attract participants. In the end I estimate, 
based on the usage and issues of previous years, etc, that only 10-15% 
of the uploads are made in comparison what normally would have been 

This is what I would call a devastating effect.

And this is purely because of bad planning at WMF:
* They haven't checked which countries participated continuously the 
past years.

* They haven't informed which countries are likely to participate.
* And they say they can't move the fundraising banner to another 
month, but it is still a mystery why that isn't possible.

This same issue was originally the case in two countries, but somehow 
it was possible to move it for the second country.

This is really sad for Italy. Extra sad because of the difficult 
copyright situation in Italy, what requires the local team already to 
do much much much more work than in most other countries, just to have 
a normal contest. The Italian team does a great job this year.

*My conclusion*
The community is working very hard on improving and expanding the 
content of Wikipedia by organising Wiki Loves Monuments. I always 
thought that this was the number one priority of the whole Wikimedia 
movement. Did I made a wrong assumption somehow?

But when it actually matters, the community project bears the bunt. 
This is sad, very sad.

Please all, support the Italian team, they do a great job and deserve 
a successful contest.



PS: I am one of the international organisers of Wiki Loves Monuments 
this year, but this e-mail is written on my personal account only.

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Re: [Wikimedia-l] [Wikitech-l] Superprotect user right, Comming to a wiki near you

2014-08-10 Thread Maarten Dammers

Hi Erik,

I understand you reasoning, but you couldn't have communicated and timed 
this in a worse way. You might be doing the right thing, but because of 
this ill communication and timing, this will be completely overshadowed. 
That saddens me. Good luck with the shit storm :-(


Erik Moeller schreef op 10-8-2014 14:27:

Hi folks,

Admins are currently given broad leeway to customize the user
experience for all users, including addition of site-wide JS, CSS,
etc. These are important capabilities of the wiki that have been used
for many clearly beneficial purposes. In the long run, we will want to
apply a code review process to these changes as with any other
deployed code, but for now the system works as it is and we have no
intent to remove this capability.

However, we've clarified in a number of venues that use of the
MediaWiki: namespace to disable site features is unacceptable. If such
a conflict arises, we're prepared to revoke permissions if required.
This protection level provides an additional path to manage these
situations by preventing edits to the relevant pages (we're happy to
help apply any urgent edits) until a particular situation has calmed


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[Wikimedia-l] Fwd: Wikimedia UK's wiki migration notice

2013-09-28 Thread Maarten Dammers

Hi everyone,

I just got this email from Wikimedia UK. Are more chapters considering 
this? I see some pro's and con's on , but it 
doesn't list the most important con: Waste of movement effort and money 
on for example debugging a mangled database (see 
and than click contribs).


 Origineel bericht 
Onderwerp:  Wikimedia UK's wiki migration notice
Datum:  Sat, 28 Sep 2013 00:30:02 +
Van:WMUK Wiki Migration Team

Dear contributor

Since its creation, Wikimedia UK's wiki has been hosted by the Wikimedia 
Foundation. The hosting for this site was migrated from the Foundation's 
datacenter to the Wikimedia UK's over the last week-end of September (28-29th 
September). It was not possible to migrate non-public account information. This 
includes watch lists, account preferences, contact email, or current password 
for registered users.

We have recreated 'stub-accounts' on the migrated site and want to communicate 
to you your new password:
* user: Multichill
* password: xx

We invite you to change it as soon at possible:

If you want to know more about this migration:

Kind regards
Wiki migration team

This email was sent by WMUK Wiki Migration Team to Multichill by the Email 
user function at Wikimedia UK.

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Re: [Wikimedia-l] [Commons-l] Fwd: It's time to reclaim the community logo

2013-09-21 Thread Maarten Dammers
Good luck guys. It's a shame that it has come this far, I hope this is 
the wake up call for the WMF that this wasn't the smartest thing to do.


Op 21-9-2013 12:18, Federico Leva (Nemo) schreef:



P.s.: P.s.: You can check whether the WMF protects the logo of your 
project by seeing if it's listed as registered trademark on

 Messaggio originale 
Oggetto: [Wikimedia-l] It's time to reclaim the community logo
Data: Sat, 21 Sep 2013 12:16:16 +0200
Mittente: Tomasz W. Kozlowski

Hello community,
this is to inform you that in response to the trademarking of the
Wikimedia community logo[1], created in 2006 by Artur “WarX”
Fijałkowski, which was discussed on this mailing list[2] as well as on
Meta[3] back in March, a small group of community members—Artur, myself,
Federico Leva (Nemo) and John Vandenberg—have initiated a formal process
of opposition against the registration of the trademark by the
Foundation in order to *reclaim the logo* for unrestricted use by the

We appreciate the Foundation’s protection of the other trademarks they
have registered so far, including the logos of Wikipedia, Wikisource and
some other sister projects. In the case of the community logo, however,
it is our belief that the Foundation’s actions are exactly opposite to
what the community logo stands for and contradict the purpose behind its
very existence.

We would like to make it clear that it is not our intention to damage
anyone; our actions are a challenge against what we perceive as
unilateral declaration of ownership of an asset that has always belonged
to the wider community, and not to one or another organisation that is
part of the movement. By formally opposing the registration of the
trademark we hope to ensure the history of this logo is not disregarded,
and we wish to protect the community against unnecessary bureaucracy
and, to use another quote, let “groups who do not purport to represent
the WMF”[4] to continue to be able to freely associate with a logo that
has been part of their identity for so long.

We also want to note that this is in no way a legal action against the
Foundation, but a simple notice of opposition against the registration
of the logo in the European Union. If we assume good faith, we can only
be confident that the WMF, having now a formal occasion, will withdraw
its registration of the logo rather than continue using movement
resources to force the community into lengthy, expensive proceedings.

We invite all community members interested in this issue to express
their opinions at:

If any of you would like to help us in any way (covering the costs of
the opposition, promoting the discussion, etc.), please feel free to
contact us off–list.

Artur Fijalkowski (WarX)
Tomasz Kozlowski (odder)
Federico Leva (Nemo)
John Vandenberg (jayvdb)

== References ==
* [1]
* [2]
* [3]
* [4]

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[Wikimedia-l] Accommodation best practices

2013-04-28 Thread Maarten Dammers

Hi everyone,

Last year after the Berlin Hackathon I sent an email to internal-l about 
the accommodation. The text I sent was quite sharp to get a response. A 
lot of people replied to the email and it contained a lot of useful 
opinions. The discussion was quite heated at some point and I would like 
to have something positive from it. I still have it on my todo list to 
start and/ or improve the Accommodation best practices. Does such a page 
already exist on meta or should I start a new one?


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[Wikimedia-l] Wikimedia Hackathon Amsterdam 2013: Registration opened

2013-03-08 Thread Maarten Dammers

Hi everyone,

Wikimedia Nederland invites all developers to the Wikimedia Hackathon. 
The Wikimedia Hackathon will be in 2013 from 24-26 May. The registration 
is now open and also includes the possibility to apply for a travel, 
accommodation or full scholarship. You can find the form at

The hackathon is an opportunity for all Wikimedia community developers 
and sysadmins to come together, squash bugs and write great new features 
 tools. Unlike the previous years (2012, 2011, etc.) this Hackathon 
won't be in Berlin, but in Amsterdam.

The event is open to a wide range of developers. We welcome both 
seasoned and new developers as well as people working on MediaWiki, 
tools, pywikipedia, Wikidata, gadgets, extensions, templates … . Please 
suggest and discus topics at .

You can indicate that you're coming at and/or . This doesn't replace 
registration, it's just to let others know what you're up to.

Keep an eye on 
for updates!


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