Re: [Wikimedia-l] What kind of ED would you like to see?

2016-02-26 Thread Subramanya Sastry

On 02/26/2016 05:39 PM, Lodewijk wrote:

I would suggest you discuss what kind of qualities you seek in an ED,

Having more of an attitude stewardship over leadership .. i.e. this is 
not a place or space to primarily fulfil personal ambitions.


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Re: [Wikimedia-l] Wikipedia: #Edit2014

2014-12-18 Thread Subramanya Sastry

Very well done!!! Congrats to everyone involved (volunteers for 
producing the content, and for WMF's communication team for so 
beautifully and powerfully surfacing the magic of it all)!


On 12/17/2014 11:03 PM, Victor Grigas wrote:

Hi everyone,

I’m happy to share the first-ever Wikimedia year-in-review video,
Wikipedia: #Edit2014.

Wikimedia Commons:



It’s the story of 2014 through the lens of Wikimedia in under 3 minutes.
(We know we didn’t get it all!)

We're about to launch this to the rest of the world, on the WMF blog, on
social media, and to the press. The whole point of the production is we
want the world to get a sense of what it feels like to press edit for the
first time, and what it’s like to contribute to something that millions of
people use, love, and rely on. We hope you like it.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to making this. It’s based entirely on
what YOU contributed to the projects -- images you uploaded and video you
migrated to Commons. It’s based on the texts of books and documents on
Wikisource and the Wikipedia articles that you wrote. And thanks to
everyone who volunteered and shared feedback with us while we were editing
to make it sound and feel like Wikipedia. I talked to many people in
putting this together, so thank you all.

If you want to contribute to this particular effort, you can of course
share this video, but what would be even better is if you could translate
the captions into more languages so that even more people can understand
it. We’ll migrate the captions from Commons to YouTube and Vimeo as they
come in. (BTW does anyone know why YouTube or Vimeo doesn’t have open
captions? Maybe once we have this captioned in 50 languages, we can use it
to advocate that they should.)

We’re already thinking of ways to open up this process for even more
collaboration next year. We put this together in about eight weeks, so we
had a pretty big time constraint for making it an open process from the

We’re publishing two blog posts on the topic shortly and will send them as
soon as they’re out.

Thanks! :)

Victor  the WMF Communications team

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Re: [Wikimedia-l] First _draft_ goals for WMF engineering/product

2014-06-27 Thread Subramanya Sastry

On 06/27/2014 01:51 PM, C. Scott Ananian wrote:

On Fri, Jun 27, 2014 at 3:55 AM, Federico Leva (Nemo) wrote:

My favourite toy to this purpose is Kiwix:
* download a recent file for your favourite wiki at ,
* download Kiwix to open it ,
* start pressing random page and report surprises e.g. to

I wrote a while ago with a
similar goal.  It is an offline wiki using parsoid output.  It needs a
bit of updating, since the Parsoid output has changed slightly since I
wrote it.

But you can also use
directly now.  The Parsoid output includes a style sheet which ought
to render the parsoid DOM output identically to the standard PHP page

We're constructing a visual diff tool this quarter so that soon we
should be able to do even better: testing for pixel-accurate matches
against standard output.  But that's not done yet, so bug reports on
Parsoid output and CSS/rendering issues are still valuable.

We are beginning to get there. :-)

for the latest pixel-level visual diff on a sample page. Within the next 
couple weeks, we should be able to start generating these on a wider 
range of pages and set up regression testing on them as well to track 



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