Re: [Wikimedia-l] [Affiliates] Changes to current chapter and thematic organisation criteria

2016-08-21 Thread Ben Creasy
Does the Affiliations Committee have a list of existing chapters which do not meet the proposed criteria? I think we should at least get a sense for that, and those chapters should be notified and be put on the path to meeting standards or losing their status. What's the harm in letting chapters

Re: [Wikimedia-l] Board level strategic planning?

2016-08-02 Thread Ben Creasy
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Re: [Wikimedia-l] Board level strategic planning?

2016-08-01 Thread Ben Creasy
Wells Fargo]]. >>> >>> Or a more serious fix could be had if the search engine understood that >>> very very often in English [[X of Y]] can be written [[Y X]]. ([[List >>> of French monarchs]] becomes [[French monarchs list]], see: >>>

Re: [Wikimedia-l] [Wikimedia Announcements] April 2016 minutes for the Board of Trustees

2016-05-25 Thread Ben Creasy
>Stephen LaPorte writes: > > Hi all, > > The Board of Trustees has published minutes from the Board meeting on April > 22, 2016. You can find the meeting minutes and accompanying documents on the > Foundation Wiki: So the

Re: [Wikimedia-l] What should the board do *now*? [was Re: Account of the events leading to James Heilman's removal]

2016-05-10 Thread Ben Creasy
Luis Villa writes: > > tl;dr: the board did not effectively perform one of their most important > roles (managing the ED); the board (and board candidates) should be talking > about how they will fix that. > I think one of the key takeaways from this affair is that people should be

Re: [Wikimedia-l] An Open Letter to Wikimedia Foundation BoT

2016-02-18 Thread Ben Creasy
> Dariusz Jemielniak writes: > I know of people who are overwhelmed with negativity on the list. I myself > feel it, too, although I am determined not to reduce my participation or > liaising with the communities. The negativity is not going to magically go away, especially not when

Re: [Wikimedia-l] Message from Arnnon Geshuri to the Wikimedia Community

2016-01-27 Thread Ben Creasy
Arnnon Geshuri writes: > Hi Arnnon - nicely worded message! I can't imagine that you're feeling too great right now, but I want to give you a little hope. Wikipedia can be a forgiving place - many have been blocked and banned only to return later for second or third chances.

Re: [Wikimedia-l] Announcement about changes to the Board

2016-01-02 Thread Ben Creasy
Profit Organizations (2014). Delaware Journal of Corporate Law (DJCL), Vol. 39, No. 1, 2014; Case Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2014-34. Available at SSRN: Sincerely, Ben Creasy (posted this through gmane so