[Wikimedia-l] Call for insights on ways to better communicate the work of the movement

2020-11-18 Thread Elena Lappen
Dear all, 

The Movement Strategy recommendations published this year made clear the 
importance of establishing stronger communications within our movement. 

To this end, the Foundation wants to gather insights from communities on ways 
we all might more consistently communicate about our collective work, and 
better highlight community contributions from across the movement. Over the 
coming months, we will be running focus groups and online discussions to 
collect these insights. Individual focus groups will include 10-15 volunteers 
who will be asked to share insights on specific questions as part of a 
facilitated discussion.  

How can we best communicate with your community on an ongoing basis? In what 
ways does the Foundation currently support your work?  We ask you to share your 
thoughts on these and other questions by signing up for a focus group by the 
end of Wednesday, 2 December, or participating in the discussion on Meta-Wiki 

We would like to collect feedback from across the movement, representing a wide 
range of insights and opinions. We will be working to build as many focus 
groups as possible, but want to be upfront that we may face limitations on the 
number of groups we can convene based on the level of interest. However, if you 
would like to discuss your thoughts in detail, we are also offering the chance 
to connect with the Communications team in other ways, including individual and 
group meetings and office hours [2]. 

Initial discussions are happening between now and January 2021. We invite you 
to join the conversation, and look forward to working together to explore some 
important questions.

[1] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Movement_communications_insights 

Elena Lappen (she/her)
Community Relations Specialist 
Wikimedia Foundation 

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Re: [Wikimedia-l] Wikimedia Foundation Chief of Community Engagement to leave the Foundation

2019-11-15 Thread Elena Lappen
Hi all,

It seems two extra characters made their way into the end of the Wikimedia 
Space link. Here is the correct link, in case you’d like to leave your question 


Elena Lappen (she/her)
Community Relations Specialist 
Wikimedia Foundation 

> On Nov 15, 2019, at 3:36 PM, Katherine Maher  wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I am writing to let you know that Val D’Costa, Chief Community Engagement
> Officer, is leaving the Wikimedia Foundation. I also want to share some
> changes we’re making around how the Foundation organizes staff in the
> Community Engagement department.
> Val joined us last January, bringing nearly three decades of experience
> launching and growing international initiatives in emerging markets. With
> the Wikimedia 2030 movement strategy as a guide, Val and her team drafted
> an ambitious new vision for the work of Community Engagement—focused on
> decentralization of power and resources, safe and welcoming spaces,
> equitable collaboration, increased language and cultural fluency, dedicated
> programs for groups such as women and young people, and expansive
> partnerships in service of free knowledge.
> With this vision in hand, Val and I both see this as the right juncture for
> her to move on to her next professional challenge. While she will be
> leaving the position of Chief of Community Engagement, she will remain on
> as a consultant to me for a brief period.
> I am deeply appreciative of Val’s time with us at the Foundation and want
> to thank her for the contributions she has made to the Wikimedia movement.
> She has been a passionate and persuasive advocate for our mission and
> pushed us to expand our vision of what could be possible for our movement.
> I wish her the absolute best in what she does next.
> *== What comes next for Community Engagement ==*
> I'll be direct -- we are making changes to the CE department structure.
> We will not be starting a search for a new Chief of Community Engagement.
> Instead, over the course of the next few weeks, the seven teams currently
> within the Community Engagement (CE) department will be integrated into the
> Foundation’s other departments. By January, all of the teams will have
> joined their new departments, and “Community Engagement” will no longer be
> a standalone department.
> The teams currently in CE will be integrated with other Foundation
> departments aligned with executive leadership goals and based on  their
> scope and focus, as well as how they might grow in the future. Some of
> these alignments are intuitive, such as Trust & Safety returning to the
> Legal department; others might not be immediately apparent.
> *== What does this mean for your work?  ==*
> Although we have a good sense of which teams will integrate with which
> departments, we are still meeting with the individual teams to work on the
> specific details of the transition. Our focus is on continuity for existing
> community programs and support for Foundation staff in making this change.
> You may hear from staff seeking input on those arrangements, and I want to
> thank you in advance for any feedback you may have.
> We expect to wrap up these conversations in early December, to begin
> transitions in mid-December, and for the transitions to be completed by the
> beginning of January, at which point we’ll be able to share an overview of
> the new arrangements in full.
> The work of the Community Engagement teams will remain the same throughout
> this period of transition. For example, if you need something from Trust &
> Safety or Community Resources, they’ll continue to be here to work with
> you. If you have a project or program underway with a CE team or staff
> member, that work will also continue. If you have any questions, please
> feel free to reach out to Greg Varnum at gvar...@wikimedia.org or leave
> your question in Wikimedia Space [1] and we’ll make sure we find an answer
> to your question.
> *== Why are we making this change? ==*
> The Community Engagement department has grown and evolved since it was
> created in 2015. We have brought in people with an increasingly diverse set
> of skills and backgrounds and introduced new support for additional
> languages, geographies, and areas of work, such as community health.
> While this has helped the Foundation come a long way in addressing the
> needs of the movement, it has also created complexity. The breadth of
> activities an

Re: [Wikimedia-l] Possible abuse of Wikipedia ToS by SurveyMonkey

2019-05-20 Thread Elena Lappen
Hi MarioGom,

Thanks for outlining these concerns. The Legal Team is currently looking into 
the issue and has reached out to SurveyMonkey for additional information. I 
will provide an update here when the matter is resolved.


Elena Lappen (she/her)
Community Relations Specialist 
Wikimedia Foundation 

> On May 11, 2019, at 8:40 AM, Mario Gómez  wrote:
> Hello,
> Since the WMF has an ongoing partnership with SurveyMonkey [1][2], the WMF
> could review their possible abuse of Wikipedia ToS and, if confirmed,
> require them to cease this activity.
> SurveyMonkey's possible use of undisclosed paid editing service was already
> brought to your attention on this mailing list in July 2018. SurveyMonkey
> was by then suspect of hiring Go Fish Digital to edit their Wikipedia
> article.
> In November 2018, the article started receiving edits from EastWestern [4],
> an account that was blocked from Wikipedia for sockpuppetting and whose
> behavior is very close to the Go Fish Digital sockpuppet farm uncovered
> last year. Suspicious activity resumed after the block by another user, who
> is pending a sockpuppet investigation.
> Given the WMF relation to SurveyMonkey, is it possible to do something
> about this?
> [1]
> https://foundation.wikimedia.org/wiki/January_2018_Fundraising_Banner_Survey_Privacy_Statement
> [2]
> https://foundation.wikimedia.org/wiki/January_2019_Fundraising_Banner_Survey_Privacy_Statement
> [3]
> https://www.mail-archive.com/wikimedia-l@lists.wikimedia.org/msg30648.html
> [4]
> https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=SurveyMonkey==500=history
> Best,
> MarioGom
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Re: [Wikimedia-l] Reviewing our brand system for our 2030 goals

2019-04-09 Thread Elena Lappen
Hi all,

Thanks to those of you who have participated in the branding project
community consultation so far. We’ve received a lot of helpful feedback via
email, on-wiki, and in small meetings with affiliate group members and
individual contributors.

I posted this invitation to the project talk page last week [1], but wanted
to send a reminder here that we will be hosting a video conference session
to give people a chance to see the presentation, ask questions and provide

When? This Thursday, April 11th from 16:00-17:00 UTC.

Where? https://bluejeans.com/540134391/browser, or call in using your
closest local number [2] and enter meeting ID 540 134 391#.

If you’d like to see the presentation but cannot attend, that is no
problem—we will be posting a recording to Commons and putting the link on
the talk page afterwards.




[2] https://www.bluejeans.com/premium-numbers

Elena Lappen
Community Relations Specialist
Wikimedia Foundation

On Mon, Feb 25, 2019 at 7:14 PM Zack McCune  wrote:

> :: Apologies for cross-posting to multiple mailing lists. We want to ensure
> we spread the word about this opportunity to as many people as possible. ::
> Hi all,
> We are writing today to invite you to be a part of a community review on
> Wikimedia brand research and strategy.
> Recently, the Wikimedia Foundation set out to better understand how the
> world sees Wikimedia and Wikimedia projects as brands.[1] We wanted to get
> a sense of the general visibility of our different projects, and evaluate
> public support of our mission to spread free knowledge.
> We launched a global brand study to research these questions, as part of
> our planning toward our 2030 strategic goals.[2] The study was commissioned
> by the Board, carried out by the brand consultancy Wolff Olins, and
> directed by the Foundation’s Communications team.[3][4] It collected
> perspectives from the internet users of seven countries (India, China,
> Nigeria, Egypt, Germany, Mexico and the US) on Wikimedia projects and
> values.
> The study revealed some interesting trends:
> - Awareness of Wikipedia is above 80% in Western Europe and North America.
> - Awareness of Wikipedia averages above 40% in emerging markets,[5] and is
> fast growing.
> - There is awareness of other projects, but was significantly lower. For
> example, awareness of Wikisource was at 30%, Wiktionary at 25%, Wikidata at
> 20%, and Wikivoyage at 8%.
> - There was significant confusion around the name Wikimedia. Respondents
> reported they had either not heard of it, or extrapolated its relationship
> to Wikipedia.
> - In spite of lack of awareness about Wikimedia, respondents showed a high
> level of support for our mission.
> Following from these research insights, the Wolff Olins team also made a
> strategic suggestion to refine the Wikimedia brand system.[6] The
> suggestions include:
> - Use Wikipedia as the central movement brand rather than Wikimedia.
> - Provide clearer connections to the Movement projects from Wikipedia to
> drive increased awareness, usage and contributions to smaller projects.
> - Retain Wikimedia project names, with the exception of Wikimedia Commons
> which is recommended to be shortened to Wikicommons to be consistent with
> other projects.
> - Explore new naming conventions for the Foundation and affiliate groups
> that use Wikipedia rather than Wikimedia.
> - Consider expository taglines and other naming conventions to reassert the
> connections between projects (e.g. “__ - A Wikipedia project”).
> This is not a new idea.[7][8]
> By definition, Wikimedia brands are shared among the communities who give
> them meaning. So in considering this change, the Wikimedia Foundation is
> collecting feedback from across our communities. Our goal is to speak with
> more than 80% of affiliates and as many individual contributors as possible
> before May 2019, when we will offer the Board of Trustees a summary of
> community response.
> We invite you to look at a project summary [9], the brand research [10],
> and the brand strategy suggestion [11] Wolff Olins prepared working with
> us.
> For feedback, please add comments on the Community Review talk page [12] or
> email brandproj...@wikimedia.org with direct feedback. You can also use
> either of these channels to request to join a group meeting.
> We know this is big topic and we’re excited to hear from you!
> - Zack McCune and the Wikimedia Foundation Communications department
> [1]
> https://wikimedi