Re: [Wikimedia-l] Reviewing our brand system for our 2030 goals

2019-04-09 Thread Oscar Costero
Nonetheless, the 'what ifs' are worrisome is the proposal is accepted. People (govts, enterprises, etc) would think it's a mistake with the name Wikimedia and incorrectly deduce (after some Google search on their part) that the name is Wikipedia Russia, not Wikimedia Russia. El mar., 9 abr. 2019

[Wikimedia-l] New board of Wikimedia Venezuela

2018-12-10 Thread Oscar Costero
Dear Wikimedians, At our seventh general assembly on November 24, the members of Wikimedia Venezuela elected its new board, whose members are the following: * Oscar Costero (re-elected) * Ybsen Lucero (re-elected) * Marianny Contreras * Lourdes Herrera * Samuel Cirilo Ybsen and Samuel have been

[Wikimedia-l] WMVE Annual General Meeting and Board Elections

2014-11-10 Thread Oscar Costero
are: *(Terms to begin on February 1, 2015)* 1. *Oscar Costero - President* *(reelected)* 2. *Tomás Guardia - Vicepresident* 3. *Ybsen Lucero - Treasurer **(reelected)* 4. *Kevin D Landaeta - **Secretary* 5. *Jenner Fuentes - **Spokesperson* We are excited to have three new members in the Board