[Wikimedia-l] Delay of Board of Trustees election

2022-08-12 Thread Matanya Moses
Hi all,
I am reaching out to you today with an update about the timing of the voting 
for the Board of Trustees election. 
As many of you are already aware, this year we are offering an Election Compass 
to help voters identify the alignment of candidates on some key topics. Several 
candidates requested an extension of the character limitation on their 
responses expanding on their positions, and the Elections Committee felt their 
reasoning was consistent with the goals of a fair and equitable election 
To ensure that the longer statements can be translated in time for the 
election, the Elections Committee and Board Selection Task Force decided to 
delay the opening of the Board of Trustees election by one week - a time 
proposed as ideal by staff working to support the election. 
Although it is not expected that everyone will want to use the Election Compass 
to inform their voting decision, the Elections Committee felt it was more 
appropriate to open the voting period with essential translations for community 
members across languages to use if they wish to make this important decision.
The voting will open on August 23 at 00:00 UTC and close on September 6 at 
23:59 UTC.
Best regards,
Matanya, on behalf of the Elections Committee
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[Wikimedia-l] +28K images freed from Israel archives and uploaded to commons

2018-11-13 Thread matanya

It is a great pleasure for me to let you all know that wikimedia Israel had 
developed a web scraper that crawled in various archives in Israel and uploaded 
more than 28K free images to commons.

The tool (https://github.com/wmil-1946/wikiscraper) was developed to crawl the 
web site (list below) and clean them, remove water marks, etc.

Only images taken before 1946 were uploaded, as per the law in Israel and 
United states.

Many volunteers had joined the effort by categorizing, linking and using the 
images once uploaded.

It even got coverage on Israeli media (here 

Commons categories containing the files:

Thanks to all the people involved in this gigantic effort and enjoy using 
historical images from the holy land! :)

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Re: [Wikimedia-l] : [Wikimedia Announcements] Results of the 2017 WikimediaFoundation Board of Trustees election

2017-10-16 Thread Matanya
Hi Chris,

This is actually a very good point!

I will try to find out with the other members of ec where we stand on this. 
Stay tuned for updates.

Thanks and sorry for the delay

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>Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2017 19:53:01 +0200
>From: "Peter Southwood" 
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>Subject: Re: [Wikimedia-l] Women in red
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>Subject: Re: [Wikimedia-l] Women in red
>The people whose opinion should most matter in determining whether a
>comment is sexist are women. Not men, and not non-binary transmasculine
>people like myself.
>I support and echo Emily and Molly's earlier comments on this thread:
>> Also, in case it's not clear from my forwarding of Emily's/Keilana's 
>> message, I endorse it completely and am glad she made her points.
>> I agree fully with Keegan and Sydney. I don't think the concerns that
>> this will be overtaken by bots are well-founded; that was planned for
>> in the document outlining the competition, and editors involved in 
>> this project will be subject to all expectations of normal editors 
>> (including not mass-producing poor-quality content).
>> As for Keegan's original post, there is a major difference between 
>> describing an email as sexist versus labeling the sender as a sexist.
>> I believe Keegan meant the former, and I'm not sure anything he's
>> can be described as an attack on the sender so much as a valid 
>> criticism of poor wording.
>> – Molly (GorillaWarfare)
>> On Sun, Oct 15, 2017 at 11:44 PM, GorillaWarfare 
>>  wrote:
>> Emily (User:Keilana) is having some trouble getting mails through to 
>> this list, so I'm forwarding this on her behalf in case it's an issue
>> with her email address.
>> "This is some sexist bullshit. You really think we can't handle some 
>> stubs? And do you really, really think that people won't try to AFD 
>> everything that comes out of this contest as it is?
>> I'm sick and tired of this idea that we have to hold shit about women
>> to a higher standard than literally anything else. The encyclopedia 
>> isn't going to break because, god forbid, some inexperienced newbies 
>> write a bunch of stubs.
>> And so what if people think we're paying lip service to women? It's 
>> better than being seen as being actively hostile to women, which, as
>> shouldn't have to remind you, is our reputation as it currently
>> – Molly (GorillaWarfare)
>- Pax aka Funcrunch
>On 10/16/17 10:11 AM, Todd Allen wrote:
>> Is that still going on?
>> I'm against sexism and all for improving coverage of women on
>> I've helped to encourage events toward that end, and they've turned 
>> out pretty well. We now have quite a few more articles, for example, 
>> on women involved as pioneers in outdoor sports and activities
>because of them.
>> But I'm unsure how asking the question "Is it wise to offer money in 
>> exchange for creating large numbers of articles without consideration
>> of quality?" or "Will this effort have the intended result?" is 
>> sexist. The same question would apply if the proposed articles were 
>> about Russian literature or asteroids. It is not sexist to ask the 
>> question just because of what the subject happens to be.
>> I think that needs to be discussed, not sidetracked by calling people
>> sexists. If people really were making sexist statements, I'd be all 
>> for shutting that crap down. But I've seen not one such statement in 
>> this thread.
>> Todd
>> On Oct 16, 2017 10:28 AM, "Robert Fernandez" 
>>> So those who call out 

[Wikimedia-l] [Wikimedia Announcements] Results of the 2017 Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees election

2017-05-20 Thread matanya moses

The certified results of the 2017 Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees
election are now available on Meta-Wiki: 

Congratulations to María Sefidari (User:Raystorm), Dariusz Jemielniak 
(User:pundit), and James Heilman (User:Doc James) for receiving the most 
community support. Subject to a standard background check, they will be 
appointed by the Board at their August meeting at Wikimania.

These results have been certified by the elections committee, the Wikimedia 
Foundation staff advisors to the committee, and the Board of Trustees.

There were 5,581 votes cast, with 5,120 of those being valid. The 461-vote 
difference comes from recast ballots, where eligible voters recast ballots to 
change their votes, and struck votes, of which there were 34. (Some of the 
recast votes were also struck.)

Additional information is available on the Wikimedia Blog: 

More statistics on the elections and a post-mortem from the committee will be 
published in the coming days. In the meantime, we would appreciate your 
input—what went well for you in this election?  What could we do better next 
time?  These reports are crucial to helping future elections be even more 
successful, and we hope that you will offer your feedback and ideas: 

The committee would like to thank everyone that participated in this year’s 
election for helping make it, again, one of the most diverse and representative 
in the movement’s history.

– Wikimedia Foundation Elections Committee

Please note: all replies sent to this mailing list will be immediately directed 
to Wikimedia-l, the public mailing list of the Wikimedia community. For more 
information about Wikimedia-l:
WikimediaAnnounce-l mailing list
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[Wikimedia-l] FDC Recommendations for 2015-2016 Round 2

2016-05-15 Thread matanya moses

Hello Wikimedians,

Twice a year, the Funds Dissemination Committee (FDC) meets to help  
make decisions about how to effectively allocate movement funds to  
achieve the Wikimedia movement's mission, vision, and strategy. For  
this round, we met in person from May 13-15 to deliberate on five  
plans and proposals, which were submitted by Wikimedia Armenia,  
Wikimedia Norge, Wikimedia France, the Centre for Internet and  
Society, as well as the draft annual plan of the Wikimedia Foundation.  
We would like to thank all the organizations this round for submitting  
these proposals.

We have posted our Round 2 2015-2016 recommendations on the annual  
plan grants to the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees. [1] The  
Board will review our deliberations and make a decision by July 1, 2016.

This round, we received grant requests of roughly $1.25 million USD,  
and we have recommended roughly $1.14 million in annual plan grants  
(though grants are made in local currency). Before we met in May, we  
reviewed all of the proposals and additional documents submitted. We  
were assisted in this review with some input from the FDC staff  
assessments and analysis on impact, finances, and programs, as well as  
community comments on the proposals.

There is a formal process to submit complaints or appeals about these  
recommendations. Here are the steps for both:

Any organization that would like to submit an appeal on the FDC’s  
Round 2 recommendation should submit it to the Board representatives  
to the FDC by 23:59 UTC on 8 June 2016 in accordance with the appeal  
process outlined in the FDC Framework. A formal appeal to challenge  
the FDC’s recommendation should be in the form of a 500-or-fewer word  
summary directed to the two non-voting WMF Board representative to the  
FDC, Dariusz Jemielniak. The appeal should be submitted on-wiki, [4]  
and must be submitted by the Board Chair of a funding-seeking  
applicant. The Board will publish its decision on this and all  
recommendations by 1 July 2016.

Complaints to the ombudsperson about the FDC process can be filed by  
anyone with the Ombudsperson and can be made any time. The complaint  
should be submitted on wiki, as well. The ombudsperson will publicly  
document the complaint, and investigate as needed.

On a side note, all FDC members are flying back to their home  
countries, so we might be able to respond only in a day or two,

On behalf of the FDC,

Matanya [1]


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[Wikimedia-l] FDC recommendations will be posted on June 1, 2015

2015-05-12 Thread matanya
Dear Wikimedians, 

The Funds Dissemination Committee (FDC) is meeting to review proposals 
submitted for Annual Plan Grants in the Round 2 2014-2015. [1] We are meeting 
in Berlin to discuss these proposals on May 12-14, 2015. 

We will be publishing our recommendations to the WMF Board of Trustees for 
funding allocations on June 1, 2015, as per the schedule noted on the calendar. 
Matanya Moses, secretary to the committee, on behalf of the FDC 

[1] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:APG/Proposals/2014-2015_round2 
[2] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:APG/Calendar 
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[Wikimedia-l] Commons and OCILLA

2014-06-08 Thread matanya


Commons licensing policy determines media should be free in source
country and in US. I want to propose We change the policy to be: free
in source country only, and to cope with US laws where the servers are
hosted found a DMCA take down notice Team in OTRS, that will handle
requests to remove Items that are non-free in the US after verifying
proper grounds for the claim. 

This approach to copyright will prevent issues like URAA issues, shorter
term issues and restored copyright issues. 

It will enrich commons with many files that are FREE (mostly PD) in
source country, but not on commons due to US laws. Unless the copyright
holder (mostly Gov's and archives) will not request removal, and they
won't since they released the media, we will be using those files. 

I'm not a lawyer, so I probably missed most of the legal implication,
But I do volunteer to found and lead the team, if this idea is accepted
and commons community would want this policy change. I'm seeking input
from copyright experienced users and lawyers, before i start an official
policy change on commons. 


Matanya Moses 

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Re: [Wikimedia-l] the big red notice on the top of http://strategy.wikimedia.org - done

2014-03-09 Thread matanya

I have fixed it per Amir's comment. It makes sense, and we should use
this note on every wiki we close - i.e. site we serve read-only. 
Wikimedia-l mailing list
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