Re: [Wikimedia-l] Community consultation on the future of Wikimania

2015-12-07 Thread Florence Devouard

Le 03/12/15 20:21, Austin Hair a écrit :

On Thu, Dec 3, 2015 at 5:11 PM, Ellie Young  wrote:

A lot of work has gone into preparing for  the consultation.It will be 
going out December 14.  We are looking forward to getting everyone's feedback 
in the weeks after and into early January.

Is there a particular reason it's being delayed until the 14th?


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I do not know if this is the only reason, but whilst the consultation is 
proposed by WMF, the steering committee has been invited to comment and 
to propose any modification that members would think needed (I answered 
by email to this request).
I believe the additional days is simply to make sure that some 
stakeholders review the current proposition to make sure that it is the 
clearest and most comprehensive one before it is open to community 
input. Call it review of the consultation ?


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[Wikimedia-l] Community consultation on the future of Wikimania

2015-12-02 Thread Josh Lim
Hi everybody,

Last October, Siko committed to a community consultation on the future of 
Wikimania scheduled for November.[1] However, November came and went, and 
nothing has happened since then.

As a matter of course, I have to ask whether the WMF is still committed to 
holding a community consultation on Wikimania, and if so, when.  In addition, 
we’d like to know what the WMF and the Wikimania Committee have been doing 
since what happened last October that could allay all our fears over what’s 
happening with the future of the community’s conference.

On behalf of the Wikimania Manila team,



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