Re: [Wikimedia-l] February 24: Update on Wikimedia movement strategy process (#8)

2017-02-24 Thread Pine W
Hi Katherine,

Just to follow up on some of the conversations yesterday on IRC, there were
some questions about which functions (e.g. fundraising, legal, technical
development, governance, communications) fit into which track. I'm thinking
that a number of functions will be shared across multiple tracks. Can you
(or someone involved in coordinating the tracks) share some thoughts about
how that will work?


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[Wikimedia-l] February 24: Update on Wikimedia movement strategy process (#8)

2017-02-24 Thread Katherine Maher
Hi all!

Apologies for getting this out on a Friday, when so many of you are already
enjoying your weekends.

This week we hosted staff members from around the Foundation here in San
Francisco for annual planning preparations. As a result, we have a slightly
shorter update this week, but with some very exciting news: we’ve finalized
the selection of the audience track leads! We also hosted the monthly WMF
Metrics meeting - you can watch the update on strategy starting at 33:29
(video set to play at that time):

Aa always, please read on for more details.

*Feedback requested*
There are two items in particular on Meta-Wiki ready for your feedback:

   - Updated processes and timelines for Tracks A & B:
   - A briefing document for informed discussions:

*Track A (Organized groups) and Track B (Individual contributors)*

   - Starting on March 1, Nicole Ebber will be the Lead for Track A. Having
   Nicole join the strategy team as track lead is made possible through an
   agreement between Wikimedia Deutschland and the Wikimedia Foundation. We’re
   grateful WMDE has agreed to loan Nicole to the movement until the end of
   the year.
   - This means the Track A & B leads are:
 - Track A: Nicole Ebber, Wikimedia Deutschland's Adviser on
 International Relations
 - Track B: Jaime Anstee, Wikimedia Foundation's Senior Strategist,
 Manager, working closely with Maggie Dennis, Wikimedia
Foundation's Interim
 Chief of Community Engagement
  - We shared the fourth, and near final, prototype for tracks A & B on
   - The Core Team has been working with experts in and outside the
   Wikimedia Foundation to further develop content for a universal briefing
   document.[2] The brief provides everyone a baseline of essential movement,
   demographic, and other information to support informed movement strategy
   - The Core Team is working on a toolkit for coordinating community
   discussions. A draft should be posted to Meta-Wiki by early next week.
   - Nicole and the Core Team worked on Track A organizational structure
   and a workflow for coordinating community discussions.
   - We are in the final stages of reviewing applications for movement
   strategy coordinators working in up to 1818 different languages.[3] We
   expect to have a strong team in place to help us really reach across the

*Track C (Partners and readers in high-reach markets) and Track D (Partners
and readers in low reach markets)*

   - Our Track C & D Leads are:
   - Track C: Juliet Barbara, Wikimedia Foundation's Communications
  Director, working closely with Caitlin Virtue, Director of Development
  - Track D: Adele Vrana, Wikimedia Foundation's Director of Strategic
  Partnerships, Global Reach
   - We reviewed an initial draft of the Track C proposal, including a plan
   for research and expert convenings in high-reach markets. Juliet and
   Caitlin plan to post the proposal on Meta next week for input.
   - For Track C, Adele has been working with the strategy team together to
   identify potential market research firms and consumer research firms for
   Indonesia, Egypt, and Brazil. We plan to post the Track D proposal on Meta
   next week for input.

*Next steps*

   - Final preparations for soft launch of Track A, including emails
   inviting people to host discussions (ideally before the Wikimedia
   Conference in Berlin in late March).
   - Nicole will be convening an advisory council with members from
   different regions, genders, languages, projects, and types and sizes of
   affiliates and groups to help ensure participation and perspective from
   groups that are often underrepresented.
   - Finalize Track C plan and budget for posting on Meta.
   - Build interview guide for Track D (will also be shared with Track C)
   to help facilitate discussions with outside experts.
   - Prototype the process and flow for tracking data we collect during the
   strategy and evaluation process.

This is moving closer to being real - I can't wait to launch the

Happy weekend,

PS. A version of this message is available for translation on Meta-Wiki.[4]


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