Re: [Wikimedia-l] February 2: Update on Wikimedia movement strategy process (#5)

2017-02-05 Thread Dariusz Jemielniak
On Sat, Feb 4, 2017 at 4:41 PM, Oloruntoba Oyeyele <> wrote:

> Thanks for this update. Most especially, it's interesting to know the
> renewed focus on the African community.

It has been overdue and it is great we can work more in this exciting
region! :)

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Re: [Wikimedia-l] February 2: Update on Wikimedia movement strategy process (#5)

2017-02-04 Thread Oloruntoba Oyeyele
Thanks for this update. Most especially, it's interesting to know the
renewed focus on the African community. Thanks alot for attending Wiki
Indaba as well!


Wikimedia UserGroup Nigeria

On Fri, Feb 3, 2017 at 3:59 AM, Katherine Maher 

> Hello everyone!
> The update the past two weeks were delayed while I joined members of our
> African community in Ghana for WikiIndaba 2017 and participated in
> organization-wide quarterly reviews.
> This is a long email. In summary, you will find information on:
>- The core movement strategy team
>- Team tracks being developed
>- The Community Process Steering Committee
>- Strategy discussions being planned for Wikimedia Conference 2017
>- The results of preliminary discussions at
>- Wikimedia Foundation's All Hands gathering
>- Wikimedia movement affiliates executive directors gathering in
>- The WikiIndaba conference 2017
> First, a quick note from Ghana: congratulations to the WikiIndaba
> organizers for a high-energy, high-quality event. The program was engaging,
> highly relevant, and thought-provoking around the future of our movement in
> Africa. It was great to see people from across the continent, from Algeria
> to South Africa, Uganda to Nigeria. If you are reading this from anywhere
> else in the world, and haven’t had a chance to get to know our communities
> in Africa, you should check out these blog posts about the first Africa
> de-stubathon[1] and the third annual Wiki Loves Africa - and mark your
> calendars for Wikimania Cape Town 2018!
> Over the past couple weeks, the core strategy team discussed the
> distribution of these updates, and the likelihood that we’re not reaching
> enough people in the community with these notifications. We want to make
> sure everyone has the opportunity to participate in conversations and
> discussions.
> As such, the Foundation’s Community Engagement and Communications
> departments are working on plans to increase the distribution of our
> updates to different places and on different channels beyond Wikimedia-l
> (such as other mailing lists, social media groups, and more). *We need your
> help to get the word out so as many communities as possible can make their
> voices heard. *Where do your communities gather? *We welcome your
> suggestions on where we should share these and other updates.*
> *Core movement strategy team*
> As I shared in my last update, the core team who will help facilitate the
> movement strategy process is coming together. They have the experience to
> do the work we need to do—from deep strategic consideration to long-time
> knowledge of Wikimedia.
> The core team[2] is composed of individuals from the Wikimedia Foundation
> and williamsworks:[3]
>- Whitney Williams, williamsworks
>- Ed Bland, williamsworks
>- Shannon Keith, williamsworks
>- Guillaume Paumier, Senior Analyst, Wikimedia Foundation
>- Suzie Nussel, organizational strategy consultant, Wikimedia Foundation
> *To be clear - this team will not be determining the strategic direction.
> The Wikimedia movement will, together. *Instead, the core team’s
> responsibility is to shepherd the overall process and keep everyone
> involved and engaged. The architects (Whitney, Ed, Guillaume) will
> co-design the conversations within our communities and beyond, and help
> transform these conversations into meaningful, informed summaries and
> proposed direction. They will work in close collaboration with, and seek
> counsel from, track leads, working groups, and volunteer advisors. The
> project/stakeholder managers (Suzie and Shannon) will work with track leads
> to drive engagement, coordinate the tracks and support them as needed, as
> well as manage tasks, deadlines, and budgets for the overall process.
> We had an opportunity to introduce the core team at the January metrics
> meeting, and you can find that here.[4]
> *Team tracks (A-D)*
> Our proposal is to identify different audiences within our Wikimedia
> communities and organize  "tracks" of information sharing and dialogue that
> meet the unique needs of those different audience. Each track would have a
> working group who would advise the core team on the best way to engage that
> track’s respective communities. While these are still evolving, the four
> tracks we are currently considering are:
>- *Track A - Organized groups* - Would coordinate efforts related to
>Wikimedia organized groups, which include the Wikimedia movement
>affiliates,[5] Funds Dissemination Committee, Affiliations Committee,
> the
>WMF Board, Foundation and affiliate staffs, and other organized or
>semi-organized groups that help support the movement, such as GLAM-wiki.
>- *Track B - Individual contributors* - Would coordinate efforts related
>to engaging individual contributors, such as editors, curators, and
>volunteer developers,