Re: [Wikimedia-l] (Announcement) CIS-A2K Program Director Transition

2015-03-11 Thread Arjuna Rao Chavala
Hi, Thanks Subhashish for the update. Thank you Vishnu, for your leadership of CIS-A2K team over the past two years in growing the Wikipedia movement across India in various languages. It is not an easy job to work in the open wikimedia movement as a staff member of NGO funded by Foundation.

[Wikimedia-l] (Announcement) CIS-A2K Program Director Transition

2015-03-09 Thread Subhashish Panigrahi
Dear Wikimedians, This is to bring to your notice the proposed change in leadership of the CIS-A2K Program. The current Program Director, T. Vishnu Vardhan will be transitioning by June 2015, due to health and personal concerns. As many of you know, Vishnu has led the A2K Programme since