Re: [Wikimedia-l] [Wikimedia Education] Video tutorial regarding creating Wikipedia references with VisualEditor

2019-03-18 Thread Pine W
Hi Avery,

You might be interested in my final report from the previous grant, which
is at

I was not planning to publish the referencing videos to YouTube, but I
think that's a good idea. Do you have any suggestions about how to make the
videos be easy for people to find if they search for Wikipedia help with
referencing on Youtube? If so, I would be appreciative if you'd add those
comments to the project talk page at

Accessibility and translation are very much in my mind as I'm working on
the current script. An issue to keep in mind is that the various language
editions of Wikipedia have variations in policies and workflows, so
translation alone may be insufficient to adapt a video or tutorial from one
language edition of Wikipedia to another language edition of Wikipedia.

I like the interactive nature of the Wiki Ed tutorial. WMF's Growth Team is
developing in-context help, which I think is also a good method for
teaching. My guess is that the optimal ways to teach how to edit Wikipedia
will be a combination of methods including video, interactive tutorials
possibly with quizzes and certifications, in-context help, and
individualized help. As an example of how the methods could be blended, I
think that in-context help could offer video tutorials of varying lengths
to cover certain subjects.

Thanks for the comments.

( )

On Sat, Mar 16, 2019 at 10:24 PM Avery Jensen 

> @Bekriah, that is very exciting.  From time to time we have native Arabic
> speakers attend our events and have wondered how we could offer them
> instruction in Arabic. We would appreciate any further information you have
> on pending projects (or by email if it's not public or of general interest
> to this list).
> @Pine, it has been suggested to me that your original project might have
> been slowed because of the complexity of not only the instruction itself,
> but also knowledge about how to make an instructional video.  There is
> supposed to be an online course on making instructional videos, but it has
> not been released yet.  In the context of Wikipedia, the process is even
> more of a challenge because the YouTube format cannot be easily imported to
> Commons. It would also be an advantage to have transcripts available for
> those with hearing disabilities or who do not speak the language. There
> have been captioning and translation projects but they depend on
> transcripts.
> If anyone has not seen the self paced tutorials in the WikiEd training
> library, here is the first one, a basic overview.
> This
> type of tutorial has the advantage of being self paced and geared to visual
> learners (which is maybe 80% of an average class).  Anyone who doesn't
> speak the language can easily use a translation tool to get a basic idea of
> the content.
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Re: [Wikimedia-l] [Wikimedia Education] Video tutorial regarding creating Wikipedia references with VisualEditor

2019-03-03 Thread Pine W
Hi Bekriah,

Thanks for sharing the Arabic and Hebrew resources. Would you please add
the those resources to this catalog of tutorials
My impression from my brief look is that the Hebrew tutorials use
JavaScript instead of video, but the goal is similar to instructional
videos, so I think that adding those tutorials to the catalog would be
good. There is a section in the catalog for tutorials which are in
development and not finished. I added a column to the tables to indicate
whether a tutorial is a video, interactive, or both.

Below are some additional comments that I have regarding the possibility of
adapting the video that I am producing for diverse language editions of

For the video that I am currently developing regarding referencing with
VisualEditor, I am keeping translatability and accessibility in mind. I am
hoping that the subtitles can be translated into non-English languages, or
at least languages which Google Translate understands well, with relative

The images and animations in each language edition of the video would
ideally be in the same language as the subtitles. Changing images and
animations will likely require more time than translating the subtitles. My
current pilot project in English will almost certainly finish this month.
After the end of this pilot project, I might request funding for a full
adaptation of the video into a non-English language, and if that goes well
then I could request additional funding for additional adaptations.

I know enough Spanish that I could probably adapt English Wikipedia videos
for Spanish Wikipedia with a relatively modest level of help from native
Spanish speakers, but I would need more support for languages which I don't
know well such as Romanian or French, and even more help for languages
which are written in diverse alphabets and which Google Translate
translates poorly or not at all. I would like to help with adaptations for
diverse Wikipedia language communities.

I am mindful that an issue when adapting instructional videos for diverse
Wikipedia language editions is that there may be variations in policies and
workflows. I would want to account for those variations when creating
adaptations of videos.

At this time I can't promise that this English language video will be
adapted for additional language editions of Wikipedia to use, but I think
that there is a good possibility that if the English version of this video
is well accepted and used by the English Wikipedia community, then the
video may be adapted for more language editions of Wikipedia. :)

( )
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Re: [Wikimedia-l] [Wikimedia Education] Video tutorial regarding creating Wikipedia references with VisualEditor

2019-03-03 Thread Bekriah Mawasi
It's fascinating how diverse these tutorials are, especially that they
serve a similar purpose, thank you very much for sharing!

At Wikimedia Israel we have been developing an instructional website in
Arabic called Wiki Warsha ويكي ورشة ("wiki workshop"). The tutorials
consist of multimedia elements (video, text, images), and are divided into
13 chapters taking into account the particularities of Arabic Wikipedia.
The tutorials provide self-learners and new comers with basic information
on the following: Wikipedia homepage structure, About Wikipedia
articles, Creating
an account, Signing with a registered account, Creating a userpage, Writing
a new article, Editing an article, Formatting the article, Adding image, Adding
internal and external links, Adding references, Adding categories, Request
edits approval on Arabic Wikipedia.
The choice to make video, text and image tutorials in a website format was
made in order ensure access on different devices including smartphones and
tablets, and to make the web content accessible to people with disabilities

Attaching in the link a sample draft of one of the videos we are working
on, Adding images:

In the past, the chapter has developed an interactive courseware in Hebrew
which has proved to be successful. The courseware is divided into four
chapters: 1) The interface 2) Editing article and userpage 3) Talk and
community 4) Adding images. For example, Link: Editing interface



On Wed, Feb 27, 2019 at 2:35 AM Pine W  wrote:

> Thanks very much for the information regarding these videos in Swedish,
> Basque, and Spanish. I'm impressed by the quality of the recent videos in
> Basque and Spanish that I watched, to the extent that I understand them. In
> the past two to three years have I also learned about recently produced
> instructional videos through publications such as affiliates' reports and
> *This
> Month in Education* .
> To the extent that I understand the video in Spanish that Dennis linked
> <
> >,
> I think that it is very good, so I'm now thinking that I will suggest to
> WMF that I not create a Spanish version of the video that I am producing,
> but in the future if there is interest in having instructional videos in
> Spanish regarding different subjects that are not already covered by
> existing videos then I may propose creating Spanish versions of videos that
> I plan for English Wikipedia, Commons, or other projects.
> As far as I know, there is no easily accessible catalog of what Wikimedia
> instructional videos exist. Finding some instructional videos is possible
> using the Commons category tree and by searching for file names on Commons,
> but not all videos are easy to find using those methods, and several
> instructional videos that I found on Commons are outdated. I boldly created
> a page here
> <
> >
> for cataloging Wikimedia instructional videos, and I would like to invite
> people to expand that list, especially for videos which contain current
> information and have good production quality. Hopefully having a common
> catalog will help those of us who produce videos to get ideas from watching
> others' videos, and to consider whether to translate or reuse portions of
> existing videos. If someone thinks that they have a better idea for
> cataloging existing Wikimedia instructional videos, or if there is a
> catalog that already exists, please reply to this thread or contact me off
> list.
> Regarding documenting my process, I am placing notes
> <
> >
> on Meta that are in addition to the grant proposal, the talk page for the
> grant proposal, and the scripts.
> Thanks again for sharing information.
> Pine
> ( )
> ___
> Education mailing list

*بكريّة مواسي*
*منسّقة المشاريع التّربويّة*
*Bekriah Mawasi*

*Arabic Education Coordinator*
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Re: [Wikimedia-l] [Wikimedia Education] Video tutorial regarding creating Wikipedia references with VisualEditor

2019-02-26 Thread Galder Gonzalez Larrañaga
We have also some videotutorials in Basque:

From: Education  on behalf of Lennart 
Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2019 9:53 AM
To: Wikimedia Mailing List; Wikimedia & GLAM collaboration [Public]; Wikimedia 
Subject: Re: [Wikimedia Education] Video tutorial regarding creating Wikipedia 
references with VisualEditor


This is really good. I've been thinking about doing tutorials too, but so far I 
haven't started. Sara Mörtsell did a few videos in Swedish some time ago (for 
 but they need to be updated.

When you do these, please try to document the process as well, to make it 
easier for others to replicate it. Thanks.

Best wishes,

Lennart Guldbrandsson

@aliasHannibal - på Twitter

Från: Education  för Pine W 

Skickat: den 26 februari 2019 04:48
Till: Wikimedia Mailing List; Wikimedia Education; Wikimedia & GLAM 
collaboration [Public]
Ämne: [Wikimedia Education] Video tutorial regarding creating Wikipedia 
references with VisualEditor

Hello colleagues,


A video tutorial for creating references on Wikipedia with VisualEditor is
in development for English Wikipedia and possibly also for Spanish
Wikipedia. Publication is likely to happen in March 2019. If this tutorial
is well received then additional tutorials may follow.

If you would like to receive notifications regarding the availability of
draft or finished tutorial products, or to learn additional information,
then please continue reading below.

*How can I request notifications for when drafts or finished products are
ready for review?*

If you would like to receive a notice when a draft or finished product is
ready for public review then I invite you to go to the the project talk
page and follow the link to the newsletter subscription page [1]. During
the development of this single tutorial the newsletters are likely to be
short. I am likely to send approximately 3 to 6 notifications to
subscribers between now and the end of this mini-project.

(The reason that I am not including a link to the newsletter's subscription
page directly in this email is that I may change the name of the newsletter
in the future, and I prefer to minimize any potential confusion and the
number of redirect pages, so I think that including a link from this email
to the talk page is preferable because the location of the talk page is
likely to remain stable.)

*Background information*

Some of you may remember the project that was originally named LearnWiki
[2]. For various painful reasons that project was not completed within the
original schedule and budget. However, I continue to believe that video
tutorials Wikimedia projects could be very useful for new contributors, and
also for helpers who could use the videos to demonstrate concepts to new
contributors. I think of this project as being a pilot iteration for
"LearnWiki version 2.0", or maybe "LearnWiki 2.0 beta 1",  with a major
change between this effort and the original LearnWiki project being how the
project is executed. The goal for this tutorial remains aligned with the
original vision for LearnWiki. I believe that I know more about project
management than I did when I attempted LearnWiki version 1.0.

WMF approved a rapid grant for me to develop a single tutorial module [3]
regarding creating Wikipedia references with VisualEditor. This tutorial is
in development, I and I plan to publish the finalized script and video in
March 2019. Depending on the amount of remaining funds after development of
the English version of this tutorial and on whether WMF agrees, in addition
to an English version of the tutorial I may also produce a Spanish version
within the budget of the current rapid grant. Additional translations or
derivative versions would be welcome from anyone who would like to create

If this first tutorial is well received then I may request funding for
additional tutorials.

Within the next few days I plan to publish the first complete draft of the
script for the referencing tutorial. I will place a link to that draft on
the project talk page [1], and I am likely to create links from the same
talk page to further drafts and additional tutorial products. If you would
like to receive project updates then please watch the talk page and/or
subscribe to the newsletter.

I welcome any comments or questions that you have, either on a mailing list
or on the project talk page [1].

Yours in service,

( )