Re: [Wikimedia-l] Collaborative machine translation for Wikipedia -- proposed strategy

2013-07-27 Thread Laura Hale
On Saturday, July 27, 2013, David Cuenca wrote:

 On Fri, Jul 26, 2013 at 11:30 PM, C. Scott Ananian javascript:;wrote:

  This statement seems rather defeatist to me.  Step one of a machine
  translation effort should be to provide tools to annotate parallel texts
  the various wikis, and to edit and maintain their parallelism.

 Scott, edit and maintain parallelism sounds wonderful on paper, until you
 want to implement it and then you realize that you have to freeze changes
 both in the source text and in the target language for it to happen, which
 is, IMHO against the very nature of wikis.
 Translate:Extension already does that in a way. I see it useful only for
 texts acting as a central hub for translations, like official
 communication. If that were to happen for all kind of content you would
 have to sacrifice the plurality of letting each wiki to do their own

Actually, this sort of translation service might be extremely useful for us
on Wikinews.  We have a fair amount of direct cross translation work from
one language to the other.  Our articles generally become non-editable
after a short period of time because of the nature of news reporting.
 There are issues for things like original reporting where getting say
original Czech language reporting outside the major news stories that
international media can easily sell for syndication do not get reported.
 Thus more local news from minority languages being shared... yeah, big
benefit for us. :)  There might be a few Wikinews language projects that
would be willing to sign on as beta testers for a collaborative translating
tool. :)  I think one of our regulars, Gryllida, has been trying to develop
a tool to make translating easier so it would fit really well with existing
project goals.

Laura Hale


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[Wikimedia-l] Collaborative machine translation for Wikipedia -- proposed strategy

2013-07-26 Thread David Cuenca
After Erik's email about supporting open source machine translation [1],
I've been researching options and having talks with several machine
translation researchers about what would be the best way to integrate MT
into Wikipedia. Unfortunately I couldn't find a single solution that, on
its own, would fulfill all requirements (specially being open source). On
the plus side, there is a set of technologies that if integrated, they
could provide a positive and reliable experience. It would be a hard way to
get there, and even so, it might be worth exploring.

This is the preliminary draft:

It is a shame that the talk about Supporting translation of Wikipedia
content [2] has not been accepted for WM13.
Hopefully there will be enough interest to discuss this topic there anyways.


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