Re: [Wikimedia-l] VisualEditor office hours in February

2014-02-15 Thread Maggie Dennis
Just a reminder that these are coming up directly. :) 1700 UTC today 00:00 UTC tomorrow For those

[Wikimedia-l] Fwd: [Wikimediauk-l] WMUK slide scanner

2014-02-15 Thread David Gerard
A message I just sent in a wikimediauk-l thread about photographic negative scanners, which I thought might be of general interest to Wikimedia organisations. tl;dr: an archival-quality negative scanner has potential to be a white elephant* (a donation that is actually a liability), but could be

[Wikimedia-l] Conflict resolution wikis

2014-02-15 Thread James Salsman
Please see WikiWinWin: A Wiki Based System Together with Win Win Method for Collaborative Requirements Negotiation by Ledan Huang, Xiaobo Wu and Yangu Zhang (2013) Does someone want to do a Mediawiki extension for Google Summer of Code