Re: [Wikimedia-l] Good news for Wikimedians in San Francisco!

2015-10-28 Thread Lodewijk
And it seems they are even freshly made - better than what Roan can provide you with (sorry Roan, but usually we indeed provide a second grade product..), but you actually have to /go/ there to get them. By the way, guess where they are linking for the pronunciation?! That should give you a

[Wikimedia-l] Happy 3rd Birthday, Wikidata!

2015-10-28 Thread Lydia Pintscher
Hey everyone :) Today we are celebrating Wikidata's 3rd birthday. I've been with the project since we started development 3.5 years ago and I can't believe what a ride it has been and how far we've come. As for every birthday celebrations are in order. We've created a page at