Re: [Wikimedia-l] Funding the endowment

2017-08-21 Thread James Heilman
My personal position is it is critical to have a stable organization before growing. The WMF has achieved greater stability over the last 1.5 years so I think further growth is becoming again a good idea. James On Mon, Aug 21, 2017 at 7:48 PM, Rogol Domedonfors wrote: >

Re: [Wikimedia-l] Funding the endowment

2017-08-21 Thread Strainu
Both stability and growth come at a cost - is that cost acceptable? The way I understand it from the mid-year fundrasing report in January, the $5M were on top of the fundraising target, basically gathered by exposing our readers to more banners than needed. My opinion is that's a very high price

[Wikimedia-l] Research Showcase Wednesday, August 23, 2017 at 11:30 AM (PST) 18:30 UTC

2017-08-21 Thread Sarah R
Hi Everyone, The next Research Showcase will be live-streamed this Wednesday, August 23, 2017 at 11:30 AM (PST) 18:30 UTC. YouTube stream: As usual, you can join the conversation on IRC at #wikimedia-research. And, you can watch our past research

[Wikimedia-l] Affiliation Committe candidates - participation required

2017-08-21 Thread Lucas Teles
Hi. This message is only to advertise the ongoing candidacies for the new affiliation committee members. Everyone is invited to participate with questions and to support or not any candidate in this page: I am posting

Re: [Wikimedia-l] Canmore database and claims of copyright on public domain works

2017-08-21 Thread Gerard Meijssen
Hoi, This exchange of views is limited to the views being in a narrow way connected to what is originally posted. When a diametrically opposed view is expressed it is easily confused with subject high jacking. Arguably this thread has gone of the rails already and in direct reply no to your point,

Re: [Wikimedia-l] Funding the endowment

2017-08-21 Thread Yaroslav Blanter
I am often critical of WMF, but I can only support this decision. The idea of creating of an environment was widely discussed in the community, including this mailing list, and had a widespread support. WMF merely follows the community wish in this case, and it is great to know that a donor agreed

[Wikimedia-l] Today's eclipse and Wikimedia Commons

2017-08-21 Thread Melody Kramer
Hi everyone, I wanted to let you know about some experimental outreach we have planned for today's solar eclipse, which will be partially visible from parts of the Americas, as well as spots in Asia, Africa, and Western Europe. We put together a blog post

Re: [Wikimedia-l] Funding the endowment

2017-08-21 Thread Rogol Domedonfors
I'm know that the WMF has determined that it should have some form of endowment, The question is -- as is usual in question of this sort -- one of balance: in this case, balance between current spending for the benefit of the projects today, and accumulating capital for the benefit of the

Re: [Wikimedia-l] Windows 10 lockscreen images

2017-08-21 Thread Michael Maggs
Rogol Why the randomly-chosen names beginning with R? Michael Rogol Domedonfors wrote: Perhaps a randomly chosen image every time the user logs in? Rudigerd On Sun, Aug 20, 2017 at 12:18 PM, Dariusz Jemielniak wrote: it does not hurt to ask - Microsoft does some CSR,