Re: [Wikimedia-l] A fundraising banner we'd like to try in a short test

2017-11-17 Thread J.
I like it. Gets right to the point. However, the wording is weasely: e.g.- "averaging about $15". I would vote to have it say "$18" and omit the redunantly redundant weasely "averaging about", then put a button for $1.50, recurring monthly. That will hit the $18. I am not sure why y'alls say

[Wikimedia-l] [Wikimedia Announcements] Nov/Dec Wikimedia Foundation Metrics & Activities meeting

2017-11-17 Thread Samantha Lien
Hello everyone, The currently-scheduled November and December metrics meetings both fall on popular holiday weeks in the United States and other parts of the world. Given this, we will be combining the November and December meetings into a single metrics meeting on *Thursday, December 14th, from

[Wikimedia-l] Reminder: Currently accepting nominations for the Ombuds Commission

2017-11-17 Thread Karen Brown
Hello all, *I'm sending this out as a reminder, since nominations are still open and will remain so until mid-December*. *You may have already seen messages similar to this when I did my last round of requesting-nominations; apologies if I'm cluttering any inboxes.* It's coming close to time for

[Wikimedia-l] [Wikimedia Announcements] Board of Trustees November 2017 meeting agenda and August 2017 meeting minutes

2017-11-17 Thread Charles M. Roslof
Hi all, The agenda for the next Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees meeting on November 17–19, 2017 is now available on Meta Wiki: The Board has also approved and published minutes from its meeting on August 9–10, 2017:

Re: [Wikimedia-l] Repudiation note to the defamation campaign launched by the organization Wiki Educação Brasil

2017-11-17 Thread Asaf Bartov
Note from the list administrators: After much consideration, we decided to permit this single response by the other side of the Brazil dispute that has been brought up on this list earlier this month. You are welcome to read the substance of that response at the link provided, but you are asked

Re: [Wikimedia-l] [Wikitech-l] 2017 Community Wishlist Survey starts today!

2017-11-17 Thread Johan Jönsson
Hey everyone, Just a quick reminder that if you want to post a proposal, you probably want to do it over the weekend: Make sure the Community Tech team works on the most worthwhile thing they could be working on.

[Wikimedia-l] Repudiation note to the defamation campaign launched by the organization Wiki Educação Brasil

2017-11-17 Thread NeuroMat Comunicação
The Research, Innovation and Dissemination Center for Neuromathematics (RIDC NeuroMat) has been a major institutional contributor to Wikimedia projects and repudiates vehemently the defamation campaign launched by the Wikimedia affiliate Wiki Educação Brasil, in particular on the Wikimedia Mailing