Re: [Wikimedia-l] What's cool?

2015-06-06 Thread Derk-Jan Hartman
On 6 jun. 2015, at 17:25, Quim Gil wrote: Hi, just in case you have missed this thread in Wikimedia where I mentioned you, and now SJ asks. -- Forwarded message -- From: Sam Klein Date: Sat, Jun

Re: [Wikimedia-l] Big problem to solve: good WYSIWYG on WMF wikis

2015-06-16 Thread Derk-Jan Hartman I just found back this post by David Gerard from 2010 and was struck by how dead-on the discussion and analysis was and how far we have actually come with VE 5 years later, even though we still did not pass the finish

[Wikimedia-l] Fwd: [discovery] Interactive Team putting work on pause

2017-01-24 Thread Derk-Jan Hartman
> Hi all, > The Interactive Team in Discovery is in the process of putting its work on > pause. The team's aim during this period is to get its work to a stable and > maintainable state. > Currently, work on new features is on hold. It is not yet known what the > timeline is for this transition to

Re: [Wikimedia-l] [Wikitech-l] New Code of Conduct committee candidates

2019-06-20 Thread Derk-Jan Hartman
Welcome and thank you for serving/having served in such an important role ! DJ On Thu, Jun 20, 2019 at 11:39 AM Amir Sarabadani wrote: > Hello everyone, > The deadline for the public feedback was yesterday. Some objections have > raised but committee decided not to change the structure of