Re: [Wikimedia-l] "Wikipedia rocked by 'rogue editors' blackmail scam targeting small businesses and celebrities"

2015-09-03 Thread Yongmin Hong
2015. 9. 3. 오전 6:00에 "Trillium Corsage" 님이 작성: > > The Orangemoody network seems to have been providing a service: bring the apparently self-submitted but failed drafts of articles of persons, organizations, and businesses up to compliance with Wikipedia standards and get

Re: [Wikimedia-l] How should security of Wikimedia accounts be better?

2016-11-12 Thread Yongmin Hong
I believe you can find some 2FA application that isn't affiliated with Google (actually Google Authenticatir app doesn't require Google account to be linked. Tested on iOS and Android.) Also, some desktop application (ie. 1password*) is 2FA compatible. * Not Free/Open Source Software. --